The Capitals of Battle for Azeroth

Not everyone has been granted beta access to Bfa, yet, so there are many questions regarding the new capitals – Where are they? How big are they? How do they look? For those who still wonder about this, let me guide you around our new homes for Battle for Azeroth. There’s the Horde capital Dazar’Alor, together with the Alliance capital Boralus. Enjoy!

Dazar’Alor – Horde Capital

Dazar’Alor is located within the jungles of Zuldazar on the Zandalar continent (confusing, I know). The area is comprised of two big pyramids together with a large harbor. There are some questing areas within the capital itself, so don’t be surprised if you run into enemies if you take a wrong turn.

By looking only at the map, one gets the impression that the capital is quite small. This is of course an illusion of scale; the capital is huge. To give you an impression of how big it is, I made a video of me running through the capital. Have a look:

Path – Click to embiggen

  • I start at the Port of Zandalar (southern point).
  • Past flight master number 1.
  • Up to the backside of the pyramid.
  • I run around the pyramid to get to the front, through the professions quarter.
  • Up the stairs and past flight master number 2.
  • Inside is the Great Seal, which is the main area to pick up quests.
  • Up to the Golden Throne (Rastakhan was out on a hike at that moment).
  • Jump down the Zocolo (quest area with more profession trainers).
  • Down to the Sliver, where flight master number 3 is at.

This is of course a very quick preview of the capital, where I’m moving fast between points to illustrate the size of the capital, rather than exploring it. And as you can see, the city has three flight masters to help you around the large area, it has three large hubs (docks, pyramid and the zocolo). The Great Seal alone within the pyramid is about as large as the old capitals in Pandaria. Since I’m simply moving as quick as I can between point A and B, you don’t see all the rooms that are inside the pyramid (there are so many secret hideouts and places), or all the terraces down at the docks. The place is huge.

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Boralus – Alliance Capital

Boralus is the Alliance capital, located within Tiragarde Sound on the Kul Tiras continent. It’s a grand city spread over a smaller area than Dazar’Alor. Don’t let that deter you though; the place is built like a maze. I got lost several times as I tried to make the following video. There is so much to explore, but in the video I simply try to show you the main parts of the city to give you an impression of its size. Have a look:

Path – Click to embiggen
  • I start at the Boralus Hub.
  • Run up the Tradewinds Market, to the Professions Quarter.
  • Back down to the Harbor and to the Alliance main hideout in the city.
  • I run along the docks and then backtrack to Tradewinds Market again.
  • Past the flight master.
  • Down to the lock and alongside the water inlet.
  • Up the bridge and to Proudmoore Keep and through the Proudmoore Academy.
  • Back down to the city, east-going.
  • Alongside the water again, but this time on the south side.
  • I turn south through the Crosswind Commons and to the southern exit of Boralus.

Of the two capitals, Boralus is the least finished so far on the Beta. There are many broken stairs and walls that needs fixing, and so many closed doors (let me through!). But it’s a wonderful city that grows on you. I like that even after I had run around it for half an hour, it still felt like I’ve only discovered 5% of the area. It’s dense with hideouts and alleys; great for exploration!

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I hope you enjoyed this small preview of the new capitals. I sure enjoy running around in them, trying to discover every nook and cranny. But of the two, I think I prefer Dazar’Alor because it has so strong and vibrant colors (For the Horde!). Which one is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “The Capitals of Battle for Azeroth”

  1. I really like the warm colors of the Horde city, same reason I loved the Pandaria cities. Though the Alliance city is growing on me since it feels like a city from a traditional rpg, with narrow streets and unsavory types hiding around. I can’t wait to see that one after more work has been put into it.

    1. Yeah, Boralus has the same dense structure as Suramar which is really cool. I’m definitely gonna level both Horde and Alliance this x-pac, gotto experience it all!

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