New Beta Build – Mistweaver Buffs and Changes!

A new beta build came last night and there are new mistweaver changes implemented based on recent feedback! I’m glad to see that there’s a fruitful discussion between developers and mistweavers. Or at least, I assume so, looking at the changes that keep rolling in. I don’t visit forums very often, I like my happy corner here, but I don’t doubt that there’s lots of good mistweaver feedback from all corners of the internet!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Revival now heals for 200% of spell power, up from 180%.
  • Soothing Mist  – Each tick of SooM now has a chance to cause a Gust of Mist heal on the target.
  • Thunder Focus Tea
    • Renewing Mist: Changed to ‘Increases duration by 10 sec’ from ‘Not triggering the cooldown’ of the next Renewing Mist cast.
    • Enveloping Mist: The extra heal now heals for 250% of spell power, up from 130% (instant EvM aspect removed).
    • Removed Essence Font: Channels 100% faster.
    • NEW Rising Sun Kick: Reduces the cooldown of your next Rising Sun Kick by 9 sec.
  • The cleave heal of Vivify now heals for 60% of spell power, up from 45%.
  • Lifecycles now has 25% reduced mana cost of the next Vivify/Enveloping Mist cast, up from 20%.
  • Rising Mist now heals for 15% of spell power, down from 20%.

Mistweaver Talents and Honor Talents

Quick Commentary

I want to write another more extensive Mistweaver feedback post on these changes, but until then I just want to make some quick comments.

Re: Buffs and Soothing Mist
The buffs to Mistweavers are very welcome and the change to Soothing Mist was surprising to say the least! When I jumped into beta to test Soothing Mist, it seems that you get Gust of Mists at least once, quite consistently. But that’s just when I tested out of combat, on myself, with full health. I don’t know if the chance to proc the mastery heal is a flat percentage or if it changes depending on health or anything like that. A bit unclear on the details, but cool!

Re: Honor Talents
I’m gonna assume straight of the bat that these will have some revamps. Surge of Mist, much?

Re: Thunder Focus Tea
So, the EF empowerment is gone (won’t be missed, but it’s a shame we didn’t get a new EF empowerment in its place). The new Rising Sun Kick made me extremely happy for a few minutes, until I noticed that our 15% chance to reset the RSK cooldown with Teachings of the Monastery is gone on beta (I haven’t seen any patch notes on this, so I can’t confirm if it’s intended or not).

Which means, our damage increase is allocated from the TotM buff to TFT, which is more reliable, especially if you want to target a small window of opportunity with Rising Mist. But I still had hoped for something like windwalker’s Tornado Kicks as an empowerment. I’m gonna think about this and return to it in a later feedback post.

Re: Vivify buff on cleave-heal
With the new Renewing Mist empowerment changed and the buff to Vivify’s cleave heal, it makes me wonder if blizzard is balancing Vivify around having only 1-2 Renewing Mist active at any point? Maybe we’re just not supposed to have a slew of ReMs out like we always have? My world is upside down.

I need to go and brew some tea and put on my thinking hat. There’s a lot to digest, and when I’ve straightened out my thoughts I’ll write another feedback post.

But hey, mistweaver changes! Fun times!

5 thoughts on “New Beta Build – Mistweaver Buffs and Changes!”

  1. Hey Ashleah!

    I think you’re right regarding the RSK reset from AMA. AMA is still a passivet ánd the tooltip still says it has a 15% chance to reset, but from pummeling a targetdummy, out of 150 Blackout Kicks, it didn’t reset a single time. :( So yeah I guess they removed it, even though the passive is still in

  2. Way of the Crane is gonna be so much fun while leveling and doing WQs. Also lawl at giving us 30 second Life Cocoon’s outside of BGs and Arenas

  3. Also the TFT change for ReM will take some getting used to. Running dungeons on beta and I’m always tricking myself that I’ll get an off cooldown ReM after I pop TFT. I feel like this change, combined with the Vivify-heals-ReM-targets combo, Blizz is trying to find a medium between the MoP/WoD era MW where we’d blanket the raid with ReM’s and Uplift to glory, and the newer Legion playstyle.


    A surprisingly “constructive” thread regarding beta MW. The consensus seems to be that Blizzard is trying to stuff 2 different eras of MW into BfA, and they’re too conflicting with each other. I’m all for ReM combing with Vivify (ReMs + Uplift was my favorite WoW spec EVER), but not at the expense of “maybe” 3 targets receiving it without the Dancing Mists perk. This locks the cleave heal of Vivify to whatever targets have ReM on them, which won’t move to another target unless they overheal. Bringing back to Pool of Mists talent would obviously fix this, but then that would conflict with the design of EF. Perhaps Blizzard needs to tie the ReM combo to a portion of EF dots. On beta right now, I’m rarely if ever casting Vivify. Granted these are medium tier leveling dungeons, I feel its bad class design if a spell doesn’t become relevant until raiding and M+.

    As for the “return” of Fistweaving, Way of the Crane needs its PvP component either baked in, or at least a portion of it. The Rising Mist talent was a great start towards making it a possible option for non-bleeding edge content, but just like the above towards healing, it’s a half complete picture. Incorporate Statue back into it or something. Disc proved, even at higher levels, healing through damage can be done effectively if done correctly. Live Disc is what I wished Fistweaving could have been.

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