Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Ursoc

Here is a clean version of my personal notes from Ursoc mythic encounter. If you want to add any knowledge or help other players with the encounter, feel free to comment and discuss below!

Ursoc Mechanics

  • ursocUrosc charges the player affected by Focused Gaze after 6 seconds. The further away the player is from Ursoc, the less damage the player takes by Trampling Slam. When he hits the player, the raid takes damage by Barreling Impact, which does less damage the more players are standing in it.
  • Players hit by Barreling Impact get the Momentum debuff, which means they can’t always help soak the Impact.
  • Split the raid into two groups and let them rotate to soak Barreling Impact!
  • The raid should soak the damage of Roaring Cacophony together by standing close to Ursoc when he casts it. Never stand in the Miasma patches that are left behind.
  • Roaring Cacophony does more and more damage each time he casts it. Barreling Impact also deals high damage.
  • High tank damage. If the two tank debuffs (Overwhelm and Rend Flesh) aren’t handled properly, the tanks will die.
  • Roaring Cacaphony and Barreling Impact are physical damage, Diffuse Magic does not help. Consider Dampen Harm.
  • At 30%, Ursoc enrages and you enter the burn phase (Blood Frenzy).


  • In Mythic, there are a few added mechanics to the encounter, but most of it sums up in more damage and more healing required. The tactic is rather simple; split raid and soak the momentum properly, then kite boss away from the Miasma patches in a circular manner around the room.
  • For healers, it all revolves around Ursoc’s charges (Focused Gaze / Trampling Slam / Barreling Impact). You will go through about 8 of them, and each charge requires a large healing cooldown.
  • Mistweavers: Assign Revival and Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane as big cooldowns in the rotation. Mana Tea can function as a minor cooldown in-between together with Essence Font.
  • Tank healing will be intense; use Life Cocoon when the tanks are getting high stacks of the tank debuff.
  • You will likely run out of mana! Learn the rotation of healing CDs so that you don’t stack them and waste valuable healing.
  • Use your mana pot between charges, preferably when another healer is using a big healing CD so that the raid is relatively safe in that space of time.
  • Keep track of when to soak Momentum, when to use healing cooldowns and keep a tight check on your mana, and this fight will be in the bag!

WeakAura (Ursoc) – Momentum


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