The Art of Model Auras

Model auras

I still get many requests for my recent WeakAuras, but since many of them are custom made, there’s a lot of hassle to share and export (sigh). However, I’m more than happy to show you how I’ve made them. Really, there’s no special magic in the works, only time consuming work. So, today I’ll talk a little about Model auras. They are the fancy, sparkly spell animations you can see on some parts of my UI.

Model Auras are a type of auras that show an animation instead of an icon, texture or progress bar. If you open up the WeakAura menu, go to “New”.

Model Auras - 1

Click on “Model”, and you’ll create a new Model Aura. In the “Display” tab, click on the button “Choose” to make the menu pop up.

Model Auras - 2

You’ll automatically get Arthas as a model. But we want to find the Monk spells animations. Click on “SPELLS” in the menu.

Model Auras - 3

Now you’ll get a two mile long list of different spell animations. If you scroll down to M, you can find the Monk spells under the name Monk_*spellname*.

Model Auras - 4

Ta-da! Here you can play around with a plethora of different spell animations. Remember that it can be a bit of hassle to centre the animations in the display window. If you tweak a little with the X-coordinates (horizontal), the Y-coordinates (vertical), and Z-coordinates (depth), you can centre the animation and then change size as per normal when you exit to the Display tab.

Model auras use triggers in the exact same way as icon auras, texture auras and progress auras! The only difference is the looks. So play around as much as you want!

Since it’s not an easy task to browse all of the Model auras, I’ve made a charter of the most important Monk spells you can find. Click on the image below to embiggen!


Now good luck, and have fun with your new auras!

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