New Alpha Build and Monk Races

A new alpha build came last night, and although there’s few changes to Mistweavers, Monks have gained two new races.  Here’s a small recap on the things that concern Monks!

Mistweaver Changes

Not many changes to Mistweavers, but it seems that Blizzard haven’t quite gotten to the healers specs yet. The damage classes and specs have first priority, and we’ll probably see the healer changes coming soon.

Monk Allied Races

New information on the Allied Races is trickling down the alpha mining. Two of the new races can be Monks, so here’s a small summary of the races and their racials.

NEW Races!

Current Races

Non-monk Races

Unknown Class Races

  • Kul Tiran Human
    • Unknown Racials

Will Vulperas be a new allied race? We don’t know, but there’s a good chance of it. If I’m not mistaken, a criteria for an allied race is that its skeleton is based on an already existing race, but with new textures. Nightborne is Night Elf, Void Elf is Blood Elf, Highmountain Tauren is Tauren, etc. Vulperas’ skeleton is based on the Goblin race, which is an indicator that it could be implemented as an allied race at a later date.

If that is true, it’ll likely be a horde race (since Vulperas is a faction on the Horde continent), and I really, really hope they can be monks. Foxes are my spirit animal, and if I can be a fox that’s what I’ll be. If they can’t be monks, I will race change all my alts to foxes.  I want ALL the foxes!

More updates on Battle for Azeroth will be coming soon!

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