Mistweaver Discussion – Stats Priority In-Depth

In the wake of WoD levelling it might be prudent to talk a little about how you’re going to gear your Mistweaver. If you have done some studying you already know the stat priority for Mistweavers;

  1. Intellect
  2. Spirit
  3. Multistrike (66 rating for each %)
  4. Crit (110 rating for each %)
  5. Versatility (130 rating for each %)
  6. Haste (100 rating for each %)
  7. Mastery (115 rating for each %)

In this post I will do a little more in-depth discussion of why the priorities look like they do. I will explain exactly how the stats work and what they do for your healer.

I have discussed a little about the importance of spirit before. In short, spirit is essential in progression, but while levelling Mistweavers can get away with a little less than other healers since we can partly depend on Mana tea. But in progression you want spirit on every piece that is available. At level 100 our mana regen is lacking and the only cure is to put some spirit on it.

Secondly; our newcomer Multistrike. Multistrike gives you two chances to proc a 30% heal (or damage) of the original heal. In theoryland, this means if you do a heal of 100, you have a chance to do two additional 30 heals. If both multistrikes proc, it will look like this in your combat log;

100 Heal
30 Heal (Multistrike)
30 Heal (Multistrike)

This means that an increase in multistrike chance gives you a direct increase in size of your healing spells. This is particularly good since you do bigger heals without spending more mana; or in other words your Healing per Mana (HPM) goes up. Since mana will be a big issue in WoD, we want as high HPM as possible.

Multistrike also gives us our attunement; Jade Mists. We get 5% more Multistrike from all sources, and gives us an equal chance as our Multistrike chance to not put Renewing Mist or Rising Sun Kick on cooldown. This is particularly nice when raid healing, since a larger spread of Renewing Mist means that Uplift hits more targets. This is of course less interesting when healing in Proving Grounds or Challenge Modes, but the raw increase to throughput is still very nice.

Critical strike is second to Multistrike. Crits, as you may well know, is a 200% strike of the original heal. A crit on out theoretical heal of 100 would do a heal of 200 instead. In its essence, Multistrike and Crit do the exact same thing but work around it in slightly different ways. At a glance, Crit seems to do more healing than Multistrike. But take into account that while Crit needs a rating of 110 for every 1%, Multistrike only needs 66 rating. Crit does higher heals but proc less often than Multistrike. In the end, this means that Crit and Multistrike are roughly equal.

Crit do however contribute to our mana regen, through Mana Tea stacks. When we spend 4 Chi we have a chance equal to our Crit chance to proc an extra stack. The downside of Crit is the high risk of overhealing, since the proc is so large. Multistrike does several lesser heals and is not as risky in that department.

There is a nice harmony between the two stats though. Even if Crits cannot Multistrike, Multistrike can Crit. What do I mean by that?

Well, by “Crits cannot Multistrike” doesn’t mean that won’t see a critical heal without a multistrike. It simply means that even if a heal crit, the multistrike of that heal will be based on the numbers before the crit. So back again to our theoretical heal of 100. A crit would be a 200 heal, but if you get a subsequent multistrike, it would still be a 30 heal (30% of the original heal).

But as I said, multistrikes can crit. If you take a look in the combat log it would look like this;

100 Heal
60 Heal (Critical) (Multistrike)

Stacking both Multistrike and Crit will be a very nice boost to our throughput healing in other words. Maybe if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to see the super mega proc where all the unicorns and rainbows are;

200 Heal (Critical)
60 Heal (Critical) (Multistrike)
60 Heal (Critical) (Multistrike)

I call this the Sonic Rainboom proc. Yes, that was a reference to My Little Pony. I could illustrate how low chance it is to get this proc, but I’ll run out of zeros. I think you can imagine how rare it is.

On to our newcomer, Versatility. Versatility increases our healing and damage and gives us a little damage reduction. If we have 10% versatility, we get a 10% increase in our healing and damaging spells, and 5% damage reduction. Now this may sound like a clear number one prio stat, but there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, it’s very hard to stack. 130 rating per each %. Secondly, it doesn’t double dip. If we are in Crane stance and do a damaging spell that would do 100 damage, it would instead do 110 (with 10% versatility). But the eminence healing, that is at 50% of the damage, would still do 55 (110×0.5) heal, without adding an additional 10% on the heal (≠55×1.10).

So, it is a very good stat to have, but less attractive than multistrike and crit. The damage reduction side of it can however be a nice contributor when raiding.

Now, the big discussion about Haste. Some players favour haste because it lowers the GCD and the cast time of some spells, making the gameplay quicker, or “bursty”. Now this maybe sounds pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s why.

Haste enables us to dish out more heals in a smaller period of time. It does not contribute to making our heals bigger, except for HoTs who get extra ticks. But the overall increase in HPM is small, especially for Mistweavers who don’t rely too heavily on HoTs. This goes for all healers, except Druids. Druids major healing output is through HoTs, which is why Haste is so attractive for them (in addition being their attunement stat).

In a world where you are mana-starved, you want to keep pace with your own mana regen. Haste does the exact opposite of that, without increasing the size of our heals. In Mists of Pandaria it wasn’t so bad to stack haste, since our mana regen was through the roof. And it was nice to be “bursty” with heals, since the damage came in big bursts.

But in WoD you want to invest in stats that increases your HPM instead. The damage pattern is completely different. Instead of coming in big bursts, it will be steadier and you’ll have time to heal everyone. We’ll likely spend a good deal of the fight below 100% health. As a healer, it will be a long project to get everyone back up to health, if you ever succeed with it. How big your heals are and how much mana you spend is way more important than the speed of which you dish out those heals. This is why haste is so low on our priority list.

Last, and actually least, Mastery. Our mastery, Gift of the Serpent, makes our heals have a chance to proc a healing sphere beside the injured target. And it is absolutely crap. First off, mastery has no impact whatsoever on our core healing spells. It simply does minimal and unpredictable healing on the side. Even after GotS got buffed, it still isn’t a good stat to invest in since the healing spheres do so little healing. Try to avoid mastery as much as you can!

A little side note about Eminence

The Jade Serpent StatueAs you know, in Crane stance we get the Eminence ability. 50% of all damage we do converts into healing to an injured ally within 20 yards. Our Jade Serpent statue copies this ability, so our Eminence is up at 100% of all damage we do.

However, Eminence healing can’t crit, multistrike nor is it affected by versatility. But it does however work on the crit and multistrikes of the damage we do. Like this;

Normal Hit
Your Spell hit Enemy 100 Damage
Your Eminence healed Someone 50 Heal
Your Eminence (Statue) healed Someone 50 Heal

Critical Strike
Your Spell hit Enemy 200 Damage (Critical)
Your Eminence healed Someone 100 Heal
Your Eminence (Statue) healed Someone 100 Heal


Your Spell hit Enemy 100 Damage
Your Eminence healed Someone 50 Heal
Your Eminence (Statue) healed Someone 50 Heal
Your Spell hit Enemy 30 Damage (Multistrike)
Your Eminence healed Someone 15 Heal
Your Eminence (Statue) healed Someone 15 Heal

Likewise, it takes into account versatility-boosted damage, but it doesn’t double-dip.

Gearing Priority

So, when you go out on a big adventure in WoD and collect all sorts of gear, the following stats are the ones you want to go for.

For gear pieces (head, shoulder, chest, wrist, hands, waist, legs, feet and weapon), this is how I would prioritize it;

  1. Multistrike + Crit
  2. Multistrike + Versatility
  3. Crit + Versatility

However, if you get a gear piece that gives you a huge boost in intellect, other combinations of secondary stats are also feasible. But not optimal. Try to avoid the haste + mastery combination like the plague. The Druids can contend with it instead.

For accessory pieces (necks, rings, trinkets and cloaks);

  1. Spirit + Multistrike
  2. Spirit + Crit
  3. Spirit + Versatility

As you can see, you don’t want any combination without the spirit. Leave those to the DPSers I’d say.

Competing Specs

We’re not the only ones who long for leather pieces with the multistrike and crit combo. Other specs also have that exact combo of secondary stats as their priority (in any order). This could mean that there will be some competition over those pieces. The competitors are;

  • Feral Druid
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Subtlety Rogue

Note that these are all agility users, but since gear pieces will change its primary stat depending on spec, it means that they are still in the running for same gear as us. There are also many others specs who could use this combo of secondary stats, but doesn’t necessarily regard them as their best stats.

The accessories are a little easier, since Spirit is a pure healer stat now when hit is gone. We only need to fight one other spec over the spirit + multistrike combo, and that is Holy Priests, as they also have multistrike as their attunement stat. But if your raid is devoid of Holy Priests it is likely you’ll have first dibs on these (provided you exercise some sort of loot council).

As to weapons it gets a little more complicated. Most weapons can have Intellect as primary stat while also be able to switch to Agility or Strength depending on type and spec. This means that there will be a lot of competition over the weapons. My only advice is to save the bonus rolls for bosses who drop a weapon you’d like to have. :)

Hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of how to gear your Mistweaver now! Good luck ~

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  1. i was wondering wts the cap for multi?
    my ilvl now is 690 i have some pieces with different stat

    my current multi is 39k ish should i now focus on crit ?

    Intel 4.6k
    Multi 39k
    Cirt 14k
    Spirit 1.5k

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