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Welcome to the Customized Sets section of my Transmog Guide. Here you will find sets I have cobbled together from different off-sets and pieces. I have a link to each piece, so it’s possible to find and work out your own customized set. Enjoy!

If you can’t acquire the gear piece I have linked, check Wowhead and go to the tab “Same Model As…” and see if you can find a similar model that can be acquired. Often you can get the same look from different items!

Forest’s Fervor

forests-fervorShouldersMantle of the Hurricane’s Eye

ChestSupple Vest

Wrists – Bloodcult Bracers

HandsImbued Pioneer Gloves

WaistLokey’s Lost Belt

LegsSupple Leggings

BootsMistdancer Footpads

Renegade’s Colors

renegades-colorsShoulders – Thorignir Striker Shoulderguards

ChestIronpelt Jerkin

WristsWild Gladiator’s Binding of Cruelty

HandsFeral Gloves

WaistWild Gladiator’s Belt of Prowess

LegsIronpelt Leggings

BootsMistdancer Footpads

Spark of the Firefly

fireflys-sparkShouldersRed Crane’s Shoulderguards

ChestOvegrowth Cutter Vest

WristsSweat-Swollen Armbands

HandsRanger Gloves

WaistSeal of Karmic Returns

LegsRed Crane Leggings

BootsMountainwalker’s Boots

August Nobility

nobilityShoulders Thorignir Striker Shoulderguards

Chest – Broodmother’s Armor

HandsReaping Gloves of Aleifir

WaistWarmongering Gladiator’s Belt of Prowess

LegsCrimson Bloom Legguards

BootsFreebooter Captain’s Boots


Golden Lotus Champion

Golden Lotus ChampionWeaponSpire of Coagulated Globules

Weapon IllusionPower Torrent

ShouldersMantle of the Hurricane’s Eye (Normal)

ChestFlamestrider Robes

HandsWild Gladiator’s Ironskin Gloves

WaistMountainscaler Leather Belt

Elegance of the Mist

Elegance of the MistWeaponPilfered Ethereal Blade

Off-Hand – Bone-Inlaid Fan

Weapon IllusionRiver’s Song (or LifeStealing)

ShouldersWarmongering Gladiator’s Ironskin Spaulders

ChestMountainscaler Leather Tunic

HandsWarmongering Gladiator’s Ironskin Gloves

WaistWarmongering Gladiator’s Belt of Prowess

LegsMountainscaler Leather Legguards

FeetOppressor’s Merciless Treads (Mythic)

Crane’s Flame

Crane's FlameWeaponScimitar of the Seven Stars

Off-Hand – Inscribed Red Fan

Weapon IllusionFiery Weapon

ShouldersWild Gladiator’s Ironskin Spaulders

ChestVest of Sobbing

WristsWild Gladiator’s Bindings of Cruelty

HandsFeral Gloves

WaistWild Gladiator’s Belt of Prowess

LegsStoneflesh Leggins

FeetWild Gladiator’s Boots of Victory

Serpent’s Poison

Serpent's Poison SWeaponInscribed Serpent Staff

Weapon IllusionAgility

ShouldersBlood-Tanned Pauldrons (Mythic)

ChestChestguard of Gnawing Desire (Mythic)

WristsBloodcult Bracers (Heroic)

HandsImbued Pioneer Gloves

WaistFlayed Demonskin Belt (Mythic)

LegsRivet-Studded Leggings (Mythic)

FeetBoots of the Skirmisher

Winter’s Warrior

Winter WarriorWeaponQuel’Delar

Weapon Illusion Mark of the Frostwolf

ShouldersFrostwolf Spaulders

ChestFrostwolf Tunic

Hands Frostwolf Mitts

Waist Frostwolf Belt

LegsFrostwolf Leggings

Feet – Frostwolf Snowstalkers

Jade Healer

GreenWeaponJaina’s Staff (End Time Dungeon)

ShouldersFlamebender’s Shoulderguards (Blackrock Foundry Mythic)

ChestSupple Vest Stage 2 (Leatherworking)

Hands Malevolent Gladiator’s Copperskin Gloves (PvP Vendor)

Waist Firescar Sash (Molten Front Vendor)

LegsSupple Leggings Stage 2 (Leatherworking)

Tide Healer

bright blueWeaponIntensity (Ulduar 10-man)

ShouldersPrimal Gladiator’s Ironskin Spaulders (PvP Season 16 Alliance)

ChestVest of Forceful Fury (Blackrock Foundry Heroic)

Hands – Infectis Puffer Gloves (Discovery Armor, Quest)

Waist Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Waistband of Accuracy (Leatherworking)

Legs – Leggings of the Broken Beast (Trial of the Crusader)

Herbal Healer

HeadRohan’s Mask (Discovery Armor Recolor)

ShouldersBurden of Time (Flowing Water Armor Recolor)

ChestVestment of the Shattered Fellowship (Malfurion’s Battlegear Lookalike)

HandsGloves of Honor’s Stand (Flowing Water Armor Recolor)

WaistBelt of Feigned Joy (Flowing Water Armor Recolor)

FeetBoots of the Foolhardy (Discovery Armor Recolor)

Tribal Healer

TribalHeadFeathermoon Headdress

ShouldersMoonglade Shoulders (Moonglaide Raiment)

ChestJinxed Hoodoo Skin

HandsVengeance Gloves (Daggerfen Garb Recolor)

WaistCrafted Malovent Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty (Malovent Gladiator’s Copperskin)

LegsJinxed Hoodoo Kilt

FeetDeeproot Treads (Haunted Forest Vestments Lookalike)

Shadowy Healer

ShadowyHeadHood of Smoldering Flesh (Fire Charm Vestments Lookalike)

ShouldersShadow Heart Spaulders (Battlegear of the Thousandfold Blades)

ChestVest of Welcome (Smoking Pit Armor Recolor)

HandsProspector’s Mitts (Gypsy Garb Recolor)

WaistSeal of Karmic Returns

LegsBogpaddle Leggings (Smoking Pit Armor Recolor)

FeetPrideful Gladiator’s Footguards of Alacrity (Grievous Gladiator’s Refuge)

Nimble Healer

BlueHeadTrickster’s Headdress

ShouldersSpaulders of the Snow Bandit (VanCleef’s Battlegear Lookalike)

ChestArmor of Shifting Shadows (VanCleef’s Battlegear Lookalike)

HandsInfectis Puffer Gloves (Discovery Armor)

LegsRaptorhide Legguards (Discovery Armor)

FeetBoots of the Skirmisher (Flowing Water Armor)

Golden Healer

GoldenHeadCover of the Keepers (Nightsong Garb Recolor)

ShouldersRicocheting Shoulderguards

ChestChestwrap of the Regal Lord (Regal Lord Armor)

HandsHandwraps of the Regal Lord (Regal Lord Armor)

WaistSeal of Karmic Return

LegsLegwraps of the Regal Lord (Regal Lord Armor)

FeetTreads of the Regal Lord (Regal Lord Armor)

Dark Healer

FalconHeadSelf-Reflecting Mask (Armor of Seven Sacred Seals Lookalike)

ShouldersShoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate (Vestments of the Dark Phoenix Lookalike)

ChestVest of Welcome (Smoking Pit Armor Recolor)

Wrist – Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes (Haunted Forest Vestments Lookalike)

HandsProspector’s Mitts (Gypsy Garb Recolor)

WaistGhostflicker Waistband (Snowy Bramble Armor)

LegsBogpaddle Leggings (Smoking Pit Armor Recolor)

FeetPrideful Gladiator’s Footguards of Alacrity (Grievous Gladiator’s Refuge)

Combat Healer

CombatantHeadSlither-Dog Headguard (Flowing Water Armor Recolor)

ShouldersForgotten Mantle of the Moon (Fire Charm Vestments Recolor)

ChestFancifully Frilly Tunic (Fire Charm Vestments Recolor)

HandsGrips of Slicing Electricity (Fire Charm Vestments Recolor)

WaistBelt of the Brazen Inebriation (Nimbletoe Armor)

LegsRoots of Rampaging Earth (Fire Charm Vestments Recolor)

FeetSpirit Keeper Footguards (Fire Charm Vestments Lookalike)

Triage Healer

RedHeadFuzzy Headcover (Discovery Armor Recolor)

ShouldersFeathers of Akil’zon

ChestChestguard of Seven Sacred Seals (Armor of Seven Sacred Seals)

HandsPrideful Gladiator’s Copperskin Gloves (Grievous Gladiator’s Vestments Recolor)

WaistPrideful Gladiator’s Waistband of Accuracy (Grievous Gladiator’s Vestments Recolor)

FeetPhasewalker Striders (Armor of the Red Crane Lookalike)

Masked Healer

FeatheryHeadHood of Blackened Tears (Armor of the Shattered Vale Lookalike)

ShouldersShoulders of the Roiling Inferno (Armor of the Shattered Vale Lookalike)

ChestVelvety Vest (Flowing Water Armor)

HandsLightfinger Handswraps (Blackfang Battleweave Lookalike)

WaistCord of Black Dreams (Armor of the Shattered Vale Lookalike)

LegsLeggings of the Broken Beast (VanCleef’s Battlegear Lookalike)

FeetGrazle’s Sandals (Discovery Armor)

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