Tealiscious Transmog and Artifact Auras

Hello, fellow monks! In this fine evening, I’ve managed to get the time to do smaller updates on my blog. Some minor tweaks on the Basic Mistweaving Guide, added weakauras for the Artifact in my Icon Aura Library and added four new looks for the Custom Transmog page. I still have many things I want to update, but small steps, people. 

Mistweaver Artifact Auras


There are two auras pertinent for our new artifact: the stacks for Sheilun’s Gift and the duration of the buff Mists of Sheilun. I’ve added those to the Icon Aura Library if you want specific trackers for them. As for the two other major traits; they’re rather self-evident so there’s no need for auras for them.

If you’re missing any icon auras in my library, just give me a shout and I’ll see if I can whip something up when I have time. But I think I’ve covered most of a Mistweaver’s need.

Monk Customized Transmog


I have a few new transmog sets for Legion, so I thought I’d add them to the Transmog page. They are (in order): Renegade’s Colors, August Nobility, Spark of the Firefly and Forest’s Fervor. And yes, I do have a lot of fun to think up names for new transmog sets.

The transmog sets themselves are part new and part old for me; either way, I wanted them up on the page for you to browse. You can find them at my Customized Transmog Sets page!

Continued Adventures on the Broken Shores

I must say that I’m enjoying myself immensely in Legion, now that the initial launch stress has passed. It’s a bit early to say, but I think I’d put my vote on this being the best expansion Blizzard have done so far. The focus on class identity was really the thing that did it for me (though profession and world quests are in high esteem too). Let’s hope that the raiding can keep the same high standard as the rest!

Logging out for now, but I’ll see if I can squeeze in a few more blog updates in the upcoming days. Good night~

4 thoughts on “Tealiscious Transmog and Artifact Auras”

  1. Thanks for the new WA strings! Any chance we’ll see a screenshot of your new Main UI in full action? I’m trying to figure out how to best position alls the indicators and could use some inspiration ;)

  2. Hi Ashleah.
    Today I looted my mythic titanforged mastery+crit+socket neck. Odds are that even with release of raid and mythic+ I won´t be replaceing that ring in next one or two weeks. So ok, I´m an enchanter who completed the quest line, let´s put on some enchants. Now even through I colected receipts I didn´t spend too much time leveling it. I opend the menu, browsed list of enchants for the first time… And came to conclusion I have totaly 0 idea which one to use :D They are all really expencive and strong (compared to other enchants).
    Any suggestions?

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