Tea Talk – GCD, Personal Loot and Azerite Armor

There are many new changes and additions in Battle for Azeroth besides the ones happening to mistweavers (I know, right?!). I haven’t had much time to comment on the general changes rolling in, so I though I’d sit down and drink too much tea and have too many opinions on the GCD, personal loot and more. Yasmine tea, anyone?

Before I start, I have a confession to make. I basically never, ever enter forums and read what people write. I used to, like two years ago. Then I was an avid reader of everything, as long as it was about mistweavers. But after a while I noticed that I got serious rashes and was sneezing relentlessly. So I realised that I must be allergic to forum discussions.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that forums exist to give people a chance to interact with each other and have a dialogue with the developers. It’s just that forums usually have a very negative worldview and when I read too much in the same vein, I basically soak up all that negativity like osmosis and then I turn green and want to steal all the presents from Whoville. So no, I don’t read forums anymore, it messes up my zen.

My main point is that I have no idea what the general opinion is about the changes (except that everything is shit, and blizzard is destroying the game; but that’s a given). All my opinions are based on own experiences, from my tiny happy corner of the internet. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Global Cooldown

I know I said that I wanted to comment on general things, but I really can’t do it without looking through my mistweaver lenses. There were only two mistweaver spells that was slapped with the GCD hammer, and those were Mana Tea and Invoke Chi-Ji. You know since before what I think about GCD on Mana Tea (c’est terrible) but the Chi-Ji change I couldn’t care less about. I was already mashing that cooldown button five times, loudly. Because in my mind, if I press the buttons harder, I will do more healing (hurr durr).

I do still have a major problem with GCD, but it’s like two expansions-old issue now. We used to have a standard 1.0 sec GCD back in Pandaria. In WoD, that was changed to 1.5 sec but could be lowered with haste. The problem is that we need like 50% haste to get down to 1.0 sec again!

For the healing/casting part, I don’t think of it as an issue. But the fistweaving, urgh! I’m basically only doing perfect execution of my fistweaving when I have bloodlust, otherwise I fumble (I thought I cast RSK, but no, I didn’t! So now I accidently cast my 3-stack BoK and reset NOTHING). Still! After two expansions! It’s probably me that it is the problem, but I still wish I had that reduced GCD on our damage abilities. A girl can dream.

Personal Loot replacing Master Loot

This is one of the major changes that hits progression guilds quite hard, including my own. We will no longer be able to distribute loot the way we want, it’s up to chance if individual players get loot or not.

My guildies are raging about this, while I quitely happy-cry in my corner. I haven’t said this out loud to anyone, but this change has made me genuinely overjoyed. I’ll tell you why; it’s because I’m a healer. Generally, healers are bottom priority when it comes to loot. We always have to wait 2-3 resets in a new raid before loot starts trickling down our way. And it sucks.

For me, it sucks a bit extra because I’m very unlucky when it comes to drops. Every tier, there are 1-2 gear pieces that completely eludes me, even after 15 resets (I wish this was an exeggeration, but it’s not). Couple that with the fact that I have to wait a few resets until it’s my turn to get loot, I usually never ends up fully geared after the end of any tier.

When our guild was finally gonna take on Argus mythic, all the DPS was fully mythic geared and could only get warforged/titanforged upgrades. Me, at the same time, could still acquire 6 upgrades from Coven and down, without warforging. Yeah, sure, I’m just gonna push the buttons harder to compensate for my poor gear, okay!?

Sorry, that got a bit salty. My point is that I’m grateful that the human factor is taken away from the loot distribution and we can happily go back to blaming the lucky people for being lucky.

Azerite Armor vs Tier Sets

In Bfa, our tier sets will no exist as we know it. Instead, tier bonuses are replaced with fancy Azerite traits and our class armor models will be replaced with not-so-fancy raid-themed models. My reaction to this was both YAY and NAY, at the same time.

I’m tremendously happy that tier pieces are gone because it was so annoying to get great loot from my M+ cache, only to not be able to equip it because it would break my set bonus. Now we will have much more freedom to use gear from different kinds of sources, though the preferable azerite traits will still likely be from the raids (I think).

At the same time, I’m annoyed that we won’t have class armor anymore. I like my monk armor; we’ve only had eight of them compared to twenty-one for some classes; I want a ninth, tenth and eleventh iteration of monk armor!

Developers were like “Yeah, but now we can create more high-fidelity armor from different sources, so you can have more cool transmog.” And I was like “Dude, I’ve seen those armor sets, they don’t beat the imaginary 9th Monk armor set by a long shot”. I mean, look at them! *sips tea angrily*

I would happily trade all of these models for a Monk 9th set. Including the Warfronts sets! Horde spikes, anyone?

It’s just a bit shame that if all the leather-users in my guild decided to transmog to their freshly dropped raid set, we would be 9 people looking exactly the same. Every tier.

So, I hope they will make more class armor in the future. It doesn’t have to drop from the raids, it could be an ensemble drop from anywhere really. I just want my cool monk transmog, okay?

I’m out of tea now, so I’ll see you next time for more ranting. I might need a beer if I’m gonna continue like this though. Where’s ma brewmasters at?

5 thoughts on “Tea Talk – GCD, Personal Loot and Azerite Armor”

  1. Finally someone with the same reaction to me to personal loot! I’ve been secretly overjoyed, since as a tank I either get nothing for a long time, or everything in the first week, depending on how good the tier bonuses are. Neither are good for long term gameplay. Like this tier we’ve stopped doing bosses I still need things from because all the dps already got what they need, and it’s left me very salty.

    1. E x a c t l y! But now we can get loot from the getgo and when dps want our loot we can say NO! BEGONE! and keep it all to ourselves *cackling laughter*

    2. My guild takes care of the healers and tanks 1st when it comes to tier sets. But i kinda like personal loot change. Takes away the hassle and we can still funnel to alts/new raid members once our regular mains are geared.

  2. On the Azerite choices is there a choice to increase your damage as a MW? One of the biggest draws for me to MW was its ability to deal pretty good damage while still being a healer and if that is some customizing they have allowed that would be very cool. Maybe I should just actually look it up but I’ve always liked your opinions on the class and have followed your blog for some time now :-).

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