Mistweaver Video Compilation

Panda bannerIn the absence of my own Alpha key, I have been glued to Youtube videos of other’s play-through of the Mistweaver spec. Since Mistweaver seems to be the only healer class available at the moment, there is a lot of videos to pick and choose from. So, in this post I’ll share some of my favourites, and you can pick and choose, and watch them at your own leisure. Enjoy!

Class Hall and Artifact Intro

Mistweaver Preview

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Youtube uploads – BRF and Crane Stance PG

For you who have missed it, I’ve uploaded some new videos on Youtube. My Heroic Gruul and Flamebender Ka’graz kill, with vids of me doing Proving Grounds completely in Crane stance. Just for the fun of it.

In a typical Misty Teahouse fashion, it’s sporadic and never in order. But they’re here now, so enjoy!

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