Mistweaver Discussion – T18 & Class Trinket

I have good news and bad news, my dear readers. The good news is that we’ve got a very strong and fun 2 & 4-set bonus for patch 6.2. We also got an awesome class trinket with a cool effect! The bad news is that our set bonuses and our class trinket hate each other. They want us to do two completely different things with our rotations and sadly, we have to make a decision between them. There is a clear winner, which I will explain to you in this post, so hang tight. Let’s start with the basics. What are our bonuses and how do they work?

Tier 18 – Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye


Head – Crit/Haste – Kormrok
Shoulders – Haste/Mastery – Xhul’horac
Chest – Mastery/Multistrike – Mannoroth
Hands – Haste/Multistrike – Soulbound Construct
Legs – Crit/Multistrike – Gorefiend

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Jetlag and peeks of 6.2 with Mistweaver T18

Hello, my dear readers! I’m back from the US and I’ve had a great time. My feet will never look the same though, we walked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and never used the subway. We ate really great food as well and had some awesome craft beers with it. All in all, we had a great time. But now I’m here and it’s really good to be back. I’ve missed swedish coffee. Starbucks gave us such weird looks when we ordered quadruple espresso.

I noticed I came back in the middle of the release of the initial patch 6.2 notes. How very exciting! I skimmed through it and noticed only a few nerfs for Crane stance in the Monk section. The exciting part however is T18 and the Archimonde class trinket.

A little disclaimer before I go on. This is the initial patch notes and everything is subject to change before the launch of the patch. Assume they will do some tweaking before then.

Mistweaver T18

The Mythic Look

The RF, Normal and Heroic Look
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