Patreon June Complete – Art of the Storm

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

The June cycle of Patreon is complete and the reward packages have been sent out! As usual, here’s a post to help you compose the art into a functional UI. I always share my own version of how I set up the art, but feel free to experiment to your heart’s content!

Creating your own Storm UI

Themed Art Package (Storm)

UI Preview
Themed Art Package and Texture Package in action!

Recommended Addons:

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Patreon Preview – Art of the Storm

It’s this time of the month again, hurray! The Patreon rewards are coming along nicely, so I want to give you guys a sneak peek of all the goodies that are about to come this month for my patrons. It’s still a work-in-progress, but I’m almost there guys!

For those who are not familiar with Patreon: it’s a small subscription service for people to support their favourite creators. Every month, patrons donate an amount of their own choosing, and get some nice rewards in return depending on the size of the donation. I reward my patrons with some tutorials and interface art. Here’s a summary of the rewards:

Recap of my Patreon tiers:

Tier 1 “Tea Leaf Novice” – Patreon Activity Feed
Tier 2 “Tea Plant Apprentice” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package
Tier 3 “Tea Cup Initiate” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package
Tier 4 “Tea Pot Adept” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package + Border Package
Tier 5 “Tea Festivity Master” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package + Border Package + Themed Art Package

So the rewards below are June’s reward and will be sent out to my patrons between July 1-7 (if pledging a donation before June 30).

Preview: Texture Package

Preview - Texture Package

Textures are simple art files that can be implemented with SharedMedia and add a nice color palette to your unit frames / status bars / cast bars etc. Or it can be used as a texture for WeakAuras! I recommend color tinting some of them in-game as well, but only a little.

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