Mistweaver Discussion – The Jade Statue

I like details. Maybe to a point where it’s not so healthy. Or at least sane. But being slightly uhm, passionately thorough about a subject can sometimes be very productive. So I’ve been conducting some experiments lately regarding our Jade statue. I thought I’d share some of my findings.

StatueWe know that the Jade Serpent Statue has two abilities: Eminence and Serpent’s Accord. Eminence is a copy of our own Crane stance passive ability, which convert 50% of all damage the Mistweaver does into healing. The healing befalls an injured ally within 20 yards. Serpent’s Accord is a copy of our Soothing Mist, which heals an injured ally within 40 yards. Unlike Soothing Mist though, Serpent’s Accord changes target during the channel, depending who needs the healing most.

But there are a few things that are not mentioned in the tooltip. By testing and experimenting (with an innocent test subject), I’ve discovered a few more attributes to the statue. Firstly, the range of the statue’s abilities is based upon the statue’s placement, not the Mistweaver. To simplify: the Mistweaver’s Eminence and Soothing Mist can only reach 20 respectively 40 yards away from the Mistweaver’s position. The statue’s ability is independent of where the Mistweaver stands, its abilities are solely measured from the statue’s position.

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