Tealiscious Transmog and Artifact Auras

Hello, fellow monks! In this fine evening, I’ve managed to get the time to do smaller updates on my blog. Some minor tweaks on the Basic Mistweaving Guide, added weakauras for the Artifact in my Icon Aura Library and added four new looks for the Custom Transmog page. I still have many things I want to update, but small steps, people. 

Mistweaver Artifact Auras


There are two auras pertinent for our new artifact: the stacks for Sheilun’s Gift and the duration of the buff Mists of Sheilun. I’ve added those to the Icon Aura Library if you want specific trackers for them. As for the two other major traits; they’re rather self-evident so there’s no need for auras for them.

If you’re missing any icon auras in my library, just give me a shout and I’ll see if I can whip something up when I have time. But I think I’ve covered most of a Mistweaver’s need.

Monk Customized Transmog


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Artifact Page up!

I’ve managed to tear myself away from the game for a short while to finish my artifact page! Here you can find out about the Artifact progress tree, relics, knowledge and all known model appearances!

Mistweaver Guide > Mistweaver Artifact

Get ready to farm those model appearances – they must be all unlocked! I’ve managed to unlock the 4 basic looks myself, but I’m working on my class campaign for the upgraded version, working on empowering my artifact enough to unlock the quest for the Chi-Ji version and err, haven’t gotten around to PvPing yet for the Sha version. But I’ll get there!

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Alpha News! And Spoilers!

Deepwind GorgeThe alpha has transitioned beyond the Demon Hunter starting zone, and we have finally seen footage of the world in Legion. Notably, the Mistweaver quest for the new Class Hall and the acquisition quest for Sheilun! I have collected some information from various sources and pooled it here for your perusal.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead, including Monk Class Hall and Sheilun quest chains. If you want them to remain a complete surprise, stop reading now! You have been warned.


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Sheilun, Staff of the Mists – Color Variants

“During last pandaren emperor’s reign, a prophecy arose that a ruthless Legion would invade the world of Azeroth and leave it shattered. To save his people, Emperor Shaohao embarked on a series of trials, taking with him the ancient staff Sheilun. Afterwards, he used his newfound wisdom to become part of the land. He made Pandaria into a separate continent and enshrouded it in mist to protect it. His staff clattered to the ground, where it lay until the monks of Tian Monastery found it and took it to the Terrace of Endless Spring for safekeeping…”

The Mistweaver Artifact: Sheilun, Staff of the Mists will come in 20 variants – five archetypes with four color variations. The archetypes, and colors, can be unlocked by different types of achievements and accomplishments, for example reputation gains, PvE content or PvP prestige.

Sheilun - Original VersionSheilun - Master VersionSheilun - Serpent Yu'lonSheilun - Sha TouchedSheilun - Crane Chi-Ji

Artifact Scenario Description:


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A Preview of Monk Artifacts

Monk Artifacts

While we still don’t know where our Class Order Hall is located, we did get to see all the artifacts displayed at Blizzcon and on a new page on World of Warcraft’s webpage. Sheilun, the Mistweaver staff, was known since before but now we also get a little background story to how the staff came about. The same goes for the artifacts for Brewmaster and Windwalker spec, that will be given Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion and Fists of Heaven respectively.

Judging by the presentation, each artifact seem to have 5 variants with 4 different colors each. In other words, it’ll likely be about 20 variations of each artifact. This will give us tremendous choice to customize our weapons to different types of looks and feels. You can of course transmog your artifact to look like any other weapon (but not the other way around), but why would you? They are gorgeous!

So here are the artifacts and their background story:

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