The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 3

There are still many aspects of the Legion Mistweaver I haven’t touched yet that I’d like to dig into. Having discussed the basic toolkit and the talents, let’s have a look at our damage rotation. Though not as proximal as other aspects of the new Mistweaver, we will still need to level as Mistweavers since we are initially locked to a single artifact. In raids we will spend downtime dealing damage which, however briefly, impacts the overall feel of the Legion Mistweaver. 

In Legion, Mistweavers’ damage spells remain melee oriented, though the spec counts as a ranged spec. To safeguard us from killing the raid when we stand in melee, mechanics that would instantly wipe the raid if a ranged player stand in melee will not hit Mistweavers or Holy Paladins (who also have a few melee-based spells).

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For example, a Chain Lightning or Void Zone targeted at a random player with no warning will wipe or seriously disrupt the group if ever targeted at a person in a melee clump. If you can get targeted by it, there is no option but to avoid being in melee at any time during the encounter. Mistweavers and Holy Paladins should not be targeted by these sorts of abilities.
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Having said that, the damaging spells we have in our baseline kit are:

Jab has been baked into Tiger Palm, and since we no longer have Chi, we have instead the passive Teachings of the Monastery to incentivise to use Tiger Palm. The rotation is Tiger Palm (30% extra damage on RSK and BoK) > Rising Sun Kick, then Tiger Palm > Blackout Kick until Rising Sun Kick is off cooldown. Spinning Crane Kick can be used independently for AoE damage.

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The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 1

The most commonly asked question to anyone who has access to Legion alpha is: how does the new Mistweaver feel like? While I haven’t done extensive testing due to not having access on my personal account (but I have borrowed access), I’ve still done some Proving Grounds and dungeons on alpha. Here’s a lowdown on my first impressions, and I’ll be focusing more on the feeling rather than numbers here.

The Base Healing Toolkit

Mistweaver’s base healing tookit has changed quite drastically in Legion. Gone is our Soothing Mist/Surging Mist/Enveloping Mist chaining and the Renewing Mist/Uplift mechanism. Instead, Uplift has been split into AoE heal Essence Font (18 target heal) and the cleave heal Vivify (3 target heal). Surging Mist has been replaced by Effuse, a short and quick cast that anchors the new passive Soothing Mist to targets. Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist are both very strong HoTs for single target; ReM being a little bit weaker but jumps target when it starts overhealing instead.

It is a very different feeling to play Mistweaver in Legion, part because the change of the toolkit but also part because the healing focus has changed in Legion. Single target healing and its various forms has much greater importance, taking the spotlight from our very heavy Uplift-spamming rotation that we have today. But is it good, is it bad? Is it more or less complicated and interactive?

I would say the new Mistweaver is much more adaptable, and you definitely has to change your rotation based on the situation. You are more likely to work with several different spells rather than spamming a few chosen ones. The Legion Mistweaver may look simple at first glance, but there are several ways that the spells interact with each other:

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Warcraft Classes – A Personal Review

A while ago, I managed to get my last character up to level 100. That’s right, now I have every single Warcraft class on max level. In light of this, I thought I could write a review of what I thought of each class. Do note however that I’m not reviewing how it is to raid as each single class, because I haven’t got that far with them (and I will probably never do so much work). This post is supposed to serve as a lighthearted commentary on class fantasies and mechanics. Keyword is “fun”!

MonkClass - Monk

You already know that my heart got stolen by the Mistweaver spec, but there are two other specs I haven’t talked much about. I know, right? Monks having other specs, pfft. But they do exist, Brewmaster and Windwalker, no matter how much I ignore them. To be fair, Brewmaster is kind of fun. Probably one of the few tank specs that I actually like, and I say that with a background as a tank (before I rerolled healer). The Brewmaster spec is very flexible with a plethora of strong tank cooldowns. I strongly favour them from a healer perspective as well. Being a reaction-based throughput healer can really put your heart in your mouth when the tank’s HP is making a rollercoaster (looking at you, Druids). A Brewmaster’s HP is thankfully very stable. Hurray for mitigation!

Windwalkers then? I must say, while I think the fantasy of a wind and lightning-based martial arts combatant is very cool, the mechanics of the spec fall a bit short. The Storm, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart ability (or whatever it’s called) is a really clumsy mechanic that requires a number of addons to keep track on. I think I would prefer the spec without that ability. And with more wind and lightning effects. Especially lightning.

Honestly, I might have liked them more if it wasn’t for that weird nerf and buff circus they have going on. It is really making my Crane stance puke. Figuratively, that is.


Class - Warlock

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to level a Warlock, and for some reason or other, I’ve never succeeded. Until now, that is! I must say that I’m positively surprised. It was ridiculously easy to level in Draenor with a Voidlord that tanks everything. And when I got sick of pets, as I always do in the end, I could always sacrifice it for the greater evi- I mean good.

Warlock is not exactly a super easy class to get into as a beginner, I would say. A lot of spells interacting with each other, some stance dancing and some secondary resources that you have to get to know first. It took me a while to get the gist. But once I got it, it became really fun!

I’m also partial to the class because of transmog. I mean, the Corruptor set, the Deathbringer set, the Cataclysmic Gladiator set, etc. Stop looking so cool! It makes my heart ache for not being a cloth-wearer on my main!

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Mistweaver Discussion – 2-set Bonus In-Depth

2 set bonus in depthA little while ago I did a post about the Tier 17 set bonuses. In the 2-set bonus section I claimed that the Mistweaving buffs affected other spells apart from the Soothing Mist cast and all the spells you layer with it. There was some debate about it though, so I set out to collect enough data to emphasize my point. There will be a lot of maths and data below, for those who are interested. If you only want to read the result, jump down to the end of the post.

The Process

There were two things I wanted to find out; if clipping the channel would add the buff to spells you clip SoM with (a topic which I didn’t discuss preciously) and if the 2-set bonus also affected other spells than Soothing Mist and accompanied spells.

I took off all my gear accept the tier chest and the tier shoulders from normal difficulty. Those two sets adds 116 multistrike rating, 116 mastery rating, 135 crit rating and 165 haste rating. My multistrike percentage was at 1,85%. This way, it would be very easy to spot a 15-40% increase in multistrike chance.

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