Weakaura Updates, New Transmogs and More

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft like crazy. Enough to forget to update the blog as I should. But I will try to rectify that now! Here is the first batch of updates, concerning weakauras and transmog.

Weakaura HUDs for all three Monk specs

New and updated HUDs for all three specs are available here:

Weakaura Hub > WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras

Artifact Custom Transmogs

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Patreon March Complete – Warrior UI

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

My journey to make class UIs has begun. This month I painted interface art for a Warrior UI for my Patreon and it became rather cool if I do say so myself. The fun thing about just making art is that you can assemble it in any way you want. Pick and choose!

Creating your own Warrior UI

Step 1: Download Addons

  • Elvui – All Elvui addons can easily be downloaded with the Tukui Client.
    • Elvui Color Tags (if you don’t download this, you will get small error tags on unit frames in the elvui profile).
    • Elvui Absorb Tags (if you don’t download this, you will get small error tags on unit frames in the elvui profile).
  • WeakAuras
  • SharedMedia

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Patreon December Complete – Art of the Night

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

I can’t say I’ve ever worked so much on a holiday, but lucky for me, there’s a nice skiing vacation on my calendar! Here’s the help post for the UI I did for Patreon this December. This is just to help you get started with the new interface art, but feel free to mix it up to your own liking!

Creating your own Night UI

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Patreon Sneak Peek – Art of the Cyber

It’s this time of the month again – Patreon sneak peek! The art of my April themed set is called Cyber UI, in lack of a better name. Name-forging is not my forté, mkay? But I make that up with dragons and art that make even me proud, even though I’d say I’m my own harshest critic. I hope you find it awesome too!

Badum- badum- tssh! Here comes the preview or sneak peek of my Cyber UI, though as always, I still have a week to polish it so the finished product might look a bit different. And trust me, if I’m allowed the time, I will fiddle with it until the last minute. It’s like a compulsion, can’t let it be.

Do I have a cool backstory to my UI as I did with the Minoan? Ehm, well. No, to be honest. I just had a really cool idea of what I wanted to do, and I got the idea from a green texture I saw. Yeah, a small piece of texture gave me the idea of the whole UI, and I just worked it from there. Funny how the art grows so organically in the course of the month, sometimes it even surprises myself.

Anyway, ’nuff talking – here it is!

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Teahouse Patreon is Launched!

The day has come for me to finally launch my very own Patreon! This is a big step forward, guys. I am super excited to share this, since it basically means I’m committing more seriously to the blog and the UI work I do. But first things first, I bet there are a lot of people who haven’t heard of Patreon yet – so I will explain what this is all about!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a site for creative people who need support. It allows people to donate to the creator on a monthly basis, and in return, the Patrons (the donators) will receive some awesome rewards by the creator as a thank you!

Here’s the link to my Patreon page:

PATREON - Normal

Okay, donations, got it! But how much?
You decide how much you want to donate on a monthly basis! You can decide on whichever amount you like. There will be different rewards depending on how you you donate, however.

Tell me about the rewards!
I have set the rewards to three different tiers, and they are as follows (I have named the tiers for my own amusement, as well):

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Twitch Highlights on Youtube

Hey! – Ashleah just found the “Highlight” button on Twitch, closely followed by the “Export” to Youtube button! As a little treat to my readers and viewers, you can now see some highlights from my streaming. Just uploaded are “Archimonde Mythic” and (omg!) “The Off-Hand Dropped”.

The highlights are just small clips from the stream; no intro/outro video or other fancy stuff, just me doing weird faces and noises on the webcam while I try to act like a human being. The highlights capture some specific gaming moments that are fun to re-watch. There will be more hightlights in the future, and don’t forget to follow me on my channel:
MistyTea on Twitch! Enjoy!

I’m Platforming: Tumblr

2560x1440 - Youtube Kanalbild

Just a small updates for my lovely readers. Since I like to spam pictures of my transmog and in the future: my ui, I have now made it easier by creating a Tumblr page for Misty Teahouse. Here’s the link:

Misty Teahouse on Tumblr

So, if you like to look at UIs and transmogs, please follow my Tumblr page. I will update it with a lot of pictures, probably everyday because I have a trigger finger on the “print screen” key. I hope you’ll like it! The page is linked to my blog, so you can see notifications of my blog posts as well!

You can Donate to the Misty Teahouse!

Hello, my dear readers!
After some head-knocking with tech, I’ve finally been able to create a paypal account that can accept donations to my little Misty Teahouse occupation. It takes time and dedication to run this corner of the Mistweaver community, and since I’m currently an unemployed student, any support to help me run this project would be greatly appreciated! Click the button in the right-side column to Donate!

I’m sure you have a lot of questions though, so I’ve prepared this FAQ to help you out.

Donations FAQ

Through what service is the donations accepted?

Do I need a Paypal account to donate?
No! But it makes the process a little faster.

What will the money go to?
Tea and sandwiches. I’m a hungry Mistweaver and I need sustenance when I write all the content to this site. And you’ll also make me very happy by supporting my work! <3

It says donate to “Capstan Kommanditbolag” when I go to Paypal. Why?
Capstan Kommanditbolag is my family’s business. It’s required to upgrade to a Business Paypal account to accept donations, by Swedish law.

But it’s your Paypal account?
Yes, it’s my personal Paypal account and the money will go directly to support the Misty Teahouse blog.

What’s the recommended amount to donate?
Any little bit helps, but to make things a bit clearer I’ve made this scientifically measured comparative bullet list of money to tea ratio.
$1 – One cup of budget tea
$2 – One cup of high quality tea
$5 – A box of decent quality tea
$10 – A half a bag of high quality tea
$15 – A fully stocked bag of quality tea
$20 – High quality tea with some cookies
$25 – High quality tea, cookies and cake
$30 – Tea party with cookies and cake!
$40 – A magical explosion of tea and cookies!!

Any donations are of great help and I’m eternally grateful if you help supporting the Misty Teahouse!

Mistweaver zen hugses,

Misty Teahouse has Twitter

Misty Teahouse TwitterI have redone my old Twitter account to accommodate a new Misty Teahouse twitter. Yes, I am too lazy to create a whole new account. But all the names are changed anyway, and from today I solemnly swear to only tweet in English. I make no promises about puppies however.

Ashleah (Misty Teahouse) on Twitter!

Do no note that I’ve added a Widget in the right hand sidebar of the blog where the three latest tweets will show.

If you are interested, join the conversation and follow my account!