Patreon May Complete – Shaman UI

After a hiatus from Patreon work, I’m finally back and done with the Shaman UI! The art for this UI is sent out to all my eligible patreons, and here is a post with all the elvui profiles and weakaura export codes to help you get started!

Creating your own Shaman UI

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Patreon May Complete – Dreamcatcher

Updated for Patch 8.1.5

Patreon’s rewards for May are complete and distributed to all my patrons that supported me this May – much love, you guys! To help you get started with your UI fiddling, here’s a list of addon profiles and weakauras I personally use for this art. But as always, I recommend to customize and personalize it to your own style. Have fun!

Promo - Interface2
Art in action – UI inspirational image!

Promo - Themed Art Package2 So, this month’s UI had a few remakes before I settled for this look. Firstly, it was initially meant to be completely white, but as I went along I realized I needed a darker side to the theme as well to balance it out. So I added ‘nightmare’ elements to the Dream UI, and here how it ended up. The art has a bit of a duality to it because of this; feel free to go more to the dream side of it or the nightmare side.

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Patreon Preview – Art of the Dreamcatcher

I’m gonna do something different this month, and instead of showing you a small sneak peek of this month’s Patreon rewards, I will show you a full preview. Do mind though, it’s still a work in progress and I still have time left before deadline. I’m still polishing the art and work at other pieces!

Recap of my Patreon tiers:

Tier 1 “Tea Leaf Novice” – Patreon Activity Feed
Tier 2 “Tea Plant Apprentice” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package
Tier 3 “Tea Cup Initiate” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package
Tier 4 “Tea Pot Adept” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package + Border Package
Tier 5 “Tea Festivity Master” – Patreon Activity Feed + Texture Package + Tutorial Package + Border Package + Themed Art Package

Link to my Patreon page for more information!

Preview: Texture Package

Texture Package

A new reward for this month is the Texture Package. It contains 5 textures that can be used for different things such as unit frames (if you implement it with SharedMedia addon), weakauras, or other creative work. I love customized textures, especially once implemented with SharedMedia, because you can personalize your UI so much. Works for Elvui, DBM, Skada, and many more addons.

The art can also be used for your own creative work if you want to do extended work on your UI. I’ve seen some of my patrons done their own version of my UIs through some awesome Photoshop work, and I love to give you the tools to customize how much you want! Go nuts!Raid Preview

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