Teahouse is Getting Love

Pandaria shaohaoParallel to working on my Blackrock Foundry encounter guides, I’ve also been updating the whole blog here and there. It was time the Teahouse got some love and had every page up to date!

It’s mostly a cosmetic makeover, but I’ve also updated some texts, most notably the Introduction page and the Talent page. The talent page is going to get another makeover in the future, something in the style of the Advanced Mistweaving Strategy page. I have much to say about talent choice which I could cram in there, but first I need to do the BRF encounter guide.

I’ve added illustrations here and there and all the existing encounter pages have had their ability icons doubled in size. You may notice that I seldom write a text without attaching illustrations to it, and with the ability list I do it partly because it looks nice and partly because it’s easier if you can memorize the abilities with your visual memory as well. Some of them are also very pretty, like Imperator Mar’gok’s ability icons.

But take a look around. Read about the Mistweaver’s Role in the Introduction page and check the change on the encounter guides. There are many small changes all over the blog, see if you can notice them all!