Teahouse Cleaning and Legacy

I’ve been doing some housecleaning in the teahouse and I’ve realized that some pages must be canned due to irrelevance. The Legion pages doesn’t have any bearing on today’s game. But instead of throwing them out the window, I’ve decided to keep them in a new Legacy tab, where I also archived my old Warlords of Draenor pages.


> Legion

> Warlords of Draenor

My blog is a constant work in progress, and I have a whole list of things I want to go through. For example, I want to update every single page for BFA, but also sort out the outdated pages. The standard procedure is that I remove the expansion-specific pages by changing their status from published page to a draft, and then they rest in my archive forever. But now I thought, maybe some people could still have use of all that content, so I’m gonna let it stay published.

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Antorus Gearing

If you’re currently ransacking Antorus the Burning Throne, you might wonder which of the fabulous loot is right for you. To help you on the way, here is the BiS list for Mistweavers in Antorus, as well as the transmog list and the full list of Mistweaver loot. Happy hunting!

BiS List for Antorus (sans Legendaries)

2 Set Bonus:
When Gust of Mists heals a target, they have a 100% chance to gain Tranquil Mist which heals them for (228% of Spell power) health over 12 sec.
Spell: Tranquil Mist (Spell ID: 253448)
Spells that Activate Tranquil Mist: Renewing Mist, Effuse, Vivify, Enveloping Mist, Sheilun’s Gift

4 Set Bonus:
When you cast Renewing Mist, you have a 100% chance to send a bolt of healing Chi at all targets affected by Tranquil Mist, healing them for (300% of Spell power).
Spell: Chi Bolt (Spell ID: 253581)
Spell that Activates Chi Bolt: Renewing Mist

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Legion Launch Experience and Royal UI

I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I could forgo sleep altogether just to make the days longer; maybe I could manage to do everything I want to do that day in Broken Isles then. There’s so much to do! Dungeons! World quests! Professions! I need more time!

This was, without a doubt, the smoothest launch of an expansion I’ve ever experienced. Within 24 hours I was level 110 (and yes, I did get a good night sleep in that time too) and it never felt overcrowded or lacking quest mobs. I also happened to be friends with the luckiest person on WoW, who got a Legendary on the first World quest cache. He became 4th best geared in Europe when he got it. Lucky bastard.

I have so much I need to update on the blog too! I’m working on an extensive Artifact page for Sheilun and I really need to update my Mistweaving guides. I just got to learn how to live without sleeping first, then I’m good to go.

The Patreon cycle for Zen UI is complete and eligible patrons will get their rewards in the coming week. Meanwhile, the previous month’s rewards are up on Gumroad for those who missed it!

Royal UI up on Gumroad
Visit my Gumroad shop!

5 Royal

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WeakAura (Icon) Library Updated

Only half a month to go before Legion – it’s high time to make sure that your UI is on point! I have a string of updates I need to do before launch, and today I can tick on of them off: the Mistweaver Icon Aura Library. I’ve got you covered! 

In my Icon Aura library you can find export strings for all kinds of auras. I have nearly all abilities (shows cooldown of Renewing Mist, Revival, Life Cocoon, etc), good auras for fistweaving (Teachings of the Monastery, Rising Sun Kick), talents (Lifecycles, Mana Tea, etc.) and trackers that shows how many people in your group are affected by ReM and the Essence Font buff. I recommend skinning the icons with the addon Masque and a few extension addons!

Auras: WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras
Skins: WeakAura Skins

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Thoughts on Levelling

While the pre-patch is approaching rapidly (some say July 19, but it is uncertain) I’ve been playing around on beta and tried levelling as a Mistweaver. Many wonder how well a healer can level in Legion and if there are any alternatives. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

In Legion, every spec has its own artifact weapon. The artifact has its own progression tree, and as you quest in the world and do content, you earn artifact power that you can spend on the progression tree. The result is that most people want to choose and stick to a spec as soon as possible to funnel all artifact power into that specific artifact. Healers are supposed to be able to level up in their healer spec and progress on their artifact from the get-go. Question is, how effective is it to level as a healer? And are there alternatives? Let’s go through the questions in an orderly manner.

Are you locked in a spec throughout the whole levelling experience due to artifacts?
Short answer, no. Due to tri-spec being available for everyone (duo for Demon Hunters, quad for Druids) you can easily switch between all of your available specs. At level 100, you can embark upon your journey for your first artifact and at level 102 you will get the quest for the remaining two.

The artifact power you earn throughout the Broken Isles can be spent on either of the artifacts. Though I would recommend to chose one of them to begin with!

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PTR and Mistweaver Crash Course

The PTR for the Legion pre-patch is up and running! Everyone can try the new Mistweaver Monk and check out all the new features. I recommend you to do it! Are you confused about all the new abilities and changes? Don’t worry, I have you covered.

This is actually a small project I started months ago, though I thought I wouldn’t finish it for quite a while. But this morning I jumped into the PTR and felt “crap, I really need to finish this guide”. So I’ve been working all day to finish it for you guys.

It’s a small introduction to Mistweaver Monks in Legion, tuned for patch 7.0 currently. Changes may occur between now and launch, so keep that in mind. I share it now so that new and old players can easily be introduced to the Legion version of Mistweaver Monks as soon as possible.

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Legion Beta Inc!

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12th of May) Legion will finally go into Beta stage. All specs are available, including artifact acquisition quests and class hall quests. Broken Shore intro is available, all zones are open and world quests have launched. A new wave of Beta invites will come as well!

Personally, I am skeptical that I’ll get an invite because there is a physical law of cosmos that says Ashleah cannot be lucky and get stuff she actually wants, such as invites. But here’s hoping!

If you happen to be a very lucky person and get that pretty Legion: Beta tab in your Blizzard client, here are a few tips of what to do in Beta. Firstly, report all the bugs you come across so most of them have been ironed out for the launch. Secondly: feedback, feedback, feedback! Thirdly, give feedback in a constructive way. There is way too much feedback out there that’s too abstract to be of any help. Here are a few pointers:

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The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 3

There are still many aspects of the Legion Mistweaver I haven’t touched yet that I’d like to dig into. Having discussed the basic toolkit and the talents, let’s have a look at our damage rotation. Though not as proximal as other aspects of the new Mistweaver, we will still need to level as Mistweavers since we are initially locked to a single artifact. In raids we will spend downtime dealing damage which, however briefly, impacts the overall feel of the Legion Mistweaver. 

In Legion, Mistweavers’ damage spells remain melee oriented, though the spec counts as a ranged spec. To safeguard us from killing the raid when we stand in melee, mechanics that would instantly wipe the raid if a ranged player stand in melee will not hit Mistweavers or Holy Paladins (who also have a few melee-based spells).

(Excerpt from official post)

For example, a Chain Lightning or Void Zone targeted at a random player with no warning will wipe or seriously disrupt the group if ever targeted at a person in a melee clump. If you can get targeted by it, there is no option but to avoid being in melee at any time during the encounter. Mistweavers and Holy Paladins should not be targeted by these sorts of abilities.
Original Post

Having said that, the damaging spells we have in our baseline kit are:

Jab has been baked into Tiger Palm, and since we no longer have Chi, we have instead the passive Teachings of the Monastery to incentivise to use Tiger Palm. The rotation is Tiger Palm (30% extra damage on RSK and BoK) > Rising Sun Kick, then Tiger Palm > Blackout Kick until Rising Sun Kick is off cooldown. Spinning Crane Kick can be used independently for AoE damage.

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The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 2

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my thoughts on mistweavers’ toolkit in Legion alpha. My opinion is generally positive to the changes; we have a more adaptable and flexible toolkit that allows the mistweaver to tackle different types of encounters with greater ease. (If you haven’t read that post yet – you can read it here.) Expanding on that discussion, here’s part 2 where I review the new talent tree.

The Talent Tree

In my mind, the purpose of a talent tree is to give depth to a base toolkit, and you should be able to create depth with different builds that emphasize different strengths. There should be opportunity to talent for greater AoE healing vs single target healing, or more mobility, add control, damage, passive healing, or active healing, etc etc. Ideally, the talent tree can deepen the strength of characteristic that are important within the same raid tier as well. It’s not interesting to talent for greater mobility unless some of the encounters have mechanics that make mobility an attractive choice.

Since I haven’t done any raid testing yet, I have to review the talents without a Legion raid context. It’ll be my preliminary opinion, bound to change once I have more experience of the content. But there’s still value to give feedback, even at an early stage like this. And once again; I will overlook the numbers for now and focus on the feel of the talents instead.

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The Feel of Legion Mistweaver – Part 1

The most commonly asked question to anyone who has access to Legion alpha is: how does the new Mistweaver feel like? While I haven’t done extensive testing due to not having access on my personal account (but I have borrowed access), I’ve still done some Proving Grounds and dungeons on alpha. Here’s a lowdown on my first impressions, and I’ll be focusing more on the feeling rather than numbers here.

The Base Healing Toolkit

Mistweaver’s base healing tookit has changed quite drastically in Legion. Gone is our Soothing Mist/Surging Mist/Enveloping Mist chaining and the Renewing Mist/Uplift mechanism. Instead, Uplift has been split into AoE heal Essence Font (18 target heal) and the cleave heal Vivify (3 target heal). Surging Mist has been replaced by Effuse, a short and quick cast that anchors the new passive Soothing Mist to targets. Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist are both very strong HoTs for single target; ReM being a little bit weaker but jumps target when it starts overhealing instead.

It is a very different feeling to play Mistweaver in Legion, part because the change of the toolkit but also part because the healing focus has changed in Legion. Single target healing and its various forms has much greater importance, taking the spotlight from our very heavy Uplift-spamming rotation that we have today. But is it good, is it bad? Is it more or less complicated and interactive?

I would say the new Mistweaver is much more adaptable, and you definitely has to change your rotation based on the situation. You are more likely to work with several different spells rather than spamming a few chosen ones. The Legion Mistweaver may look simple at first glance, but there are several ways that the spells interact with each other:

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