Battle for Azeroth Launch!

The world launch of Battle for Azeroth is here in a few minutes! I won’t rant on for long, I just wanted to give you a few helpful links and wish you luck on your levelling!

Battle for Azeroth Mistweaver Changes

Basic Mistweaving Strategy

Mistweaver Talents

Monk Icon HUDs

There will be BFA dungeon guides up on the blog in the coming days (knock on wood) as well. Otherwise, I’ll be preoccupied with levelling. I wish you good luck and all the best, see you on the other side! ♥

Alpha Re-Launched and Design Notes!

Rejoice everyone, the alpha is up again and more WoW related news starts rolling in! First up, we have the patch notes of which I will of course focus on the Mistweaver related ones. Then we have some Design Notes on Tank & Healer design, which discussed the new view on both Tanks and tank healing – a very interesting read. Lastly, a plethora of cool new mounts and pets and other models. Have a look!


Patch Notes – Mistweaver

  • Invoke Chi’Ji’s Crane Heal now heal for 150% of SP, down from 200%.
  • Life Cocoon has now a 3 min cooldown, up from 2 min.
  • Renewing Mist now costs 2.8% mana, down from 3.5%.
  • Spinning Crane Kick now does 133.2% of AP, down from 600%.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue now heals for 50% as much as you.
  • Thunder Focus Tea now empowers Effuse for 150%, up from 100%.
  • Dampen Harm now reduces 30% of the three next incoming damage, down from 50%.
  • Diffuse Magic now reduces 60% of all magic damage taken, down from 90%.

Maybe not as much changes as was expected, but the changes were in line with the feedback. For example, SCK did way too much damage and worked as a better filler than any of the other damaging spells – at single target! The increase in cooldown of Life Cocoon was a bit a surprise, until you had a chance to read up on the design notes. Tank cooldowns have been nerfed cross the board, so it is not only a Mistweaver related thing. I will assume there will be more changes to come in future iterations though!

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