Highmaul “The Arcane Sanctum” Guide up!

The next batch of boss guides are up. The second wing of Highmaul, called the Arcane Sanctum consists of Tectus, Twin Ogron and Ko’ragh. Though I think Tectus should actually be part of the Walled City, since he standing on the outside of the sanctum! But Blizzard decided that they wanted equal number of bosses in each wing, so there you go.

Here are the guides:

Tectus Guide

Twin Ogron Guide

Ko’ragh Guide

You can also find the guides in Encounter Guides > Highmaul.

Now there is only Imperator Mar’gok to write about. It might take some time before I have finished that guide though, since it such a complex and long fight to cover. But I’ll get there!

Highmaul Raid – First Impression

Yesterday, my guild did a try at Heroic Highmaul. I thought I’d share some of my initial impressions of the raid and the new raid design.

To start off I want to give you some background on our guild. We were originally a 10-man guild who had become really tight at the end of MoP. When we realised that Mythic raiding was going to be set at 20 players, we knew we had to do some recruiting. And so we did. At the start it was a slow progress, but it started to snowball as we got more players. People wanted their friends to join and then people who heard about us wanted to join. Lo and behold, now were up at roughly 35 raiders.

We hadn’t expected it, but when the raid started we had to bench some people since 30 players is maximum for Normal/Heroic raiding. There was a lot of new people we hadn’t really seen in action, and a lot of old-timers who had been gone a long time. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from the night.

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Blizzcon Day 2 – Highmaul live raid, cinematics and Q&A

warlords-of-draenor-1920x1200For today’s schedule we saw Method and Midwinter race each other to finish 4 of the bosses in Highmaul WoD raid fastest. We also saw a panel about the WoD cinematics and how the work process looked like, and later a panel with general Q&A.

The raid was definitely the most interesting part. I watched this purely from a healing perspective and my first impression was that it looked a lot of fun. The content seemed challenging but not overly punishing. As promised, we didn’t see the “health bar whiplash” effect as in MoP. The damage pattern looked more like the raid had a bouts of ticking damage, so it was a slower progress down to the like 30-50% health spectrum. The healing process to full health was much slower and it was clear that the healers had to focus some player over the others. When the raid health was back to full it was another bout of ticking damage down to lower health almost immediately. The healers were constantly occupied in other words.

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