Hellfire Citadel – Boss Introductions

Hellfire Citadel entrance

Hello and welcome to my mini-series of Hellfire Citadel to introduce you to this new raid instance. Here I’ll talk about the bosses, describing their backstory shortly, what makes the fight against them distinctive and what type of Mistweaver loot they drop. I personally like knowing a little about each boss, because just going into an instance killing random creatures aren’t that motivating. It’s more fun when you have a reason to (and not just for loot)! So without further ado, here are the thirteen bosses of Hellfire Citadel.

1. Hellfire Assault

Hellfire Assault

The new Hellfire Citadel is introduced with an all-out add fight. In this encounter you face the fel-tuned brilliance of the belated Blackfuse (before his untimely death in the Siege of Orgrimmar). The purpose is to kill and prevent adds from destroying your canons, which you will load with ammunition from destroyed siege vehicles to blast down the doors to the Citadel. You’ll get a short tête-a-tête with Siegemaster Mar’tak before she makes a quick exit from the fight.

Encounter Distinction; Add fight through and through. Get ammo, load cannon, win.

Mistweaver Loot; Besides dropping our off-set shoulders (crit, mastery) this boss won’t provide Mistweavers more than a half-good trinket (Int, spirit, haste/mastery) and a pair of wrists (haste, mastery). Not much to cheer for.

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Tanaan Jungle 6.2


If you don’t want any spoilers whatsoever about what happens in the next patch, I’d suggest to stop reading here.

Oh, you’re continuing. Hello, then! My fingers were itching for some writing so I thought I’d update about what I do in the PTR at the moment. While I haven’t been able to try out Hellfire Citadel, I have been running around in Tanaan Jungle, which is the new level 100-zone-only in patch 6.2. To get to this new awesome zone, you have to build your own shipyard first. Let me walk you through it.

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