A Preview of Monk Artifacts

Monk Artifacts

While we still don’t know where our Class Order Hall is located, we did get to see all the artifacts displayed at Blizzcon and on a new page on World of Warcraft’s webpage. Sheilun, the Mistweaver staff, was known since before but now we also get a little background story to how the staff came about. The same goes for the artifacts for Brewmaster and Windwalker spec, that will be given Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion and Fists of Heaven respectively.

Judging by the presentation, each artifact seem to have 5 variants with 4 different colors each. In other words, it’ll likely be about 20 variations of each artifact. This will give us tremendous choice to customize our weapons to different types of looks and feels. You can of course transmog your artifact to look like any other weapon (but not the other way around), but why would you? They are gorgeous!

So here are the artifacts and their background story:

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