Mistweaver Consumable Special

For you eager raiders I have written a little post about the best consumables available for Mistweavers. This will be a short post (okay, maybe not so short) discussing food, flasks, potions and enchants. If you are planning to raid and have given this subject little thought, I recommend you to read it.

Food – There is no “too much”

The best food you can get will give you 100 rating in a secondary stat. There is cheaper food that will give you 75 rating, which is also the main ingredient for making the better food in Cooking. I would recommend Multistrike food, but it is also feasible with Crit food (if you need better Mana Tea stacking).

The cheaper food can be made either with fish or meat. These are the Multistrike dishes:

Fiery CalamariFiery Calamari – 75 Multistrike
10 Fire Ammonite TentacleAmmonite Fire Tentacle

Rylak CrepeRylak Crepes – 75 Multistrike
5 Rylak EggRylak Eggs

The Crit dishes:

Grilled GulperGrilled Gulper – 75 Crit
10 Abyssal Gulper Eel FleshAbyssal Gulper Eel Flesh

Blackrock HamBlackrock Ham – 75 Crit
5 Raw Boar MeatRaw Boar Meat
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