Blue Posts and Class Hall Upgrades

While I’m finishing up the last work for April’s Patreon rewards, more alpha news has trickled in. Developers have commented on the new Essence Font change, which now indirectly benefits from mastery, and a first look at Class Hall upgrades has also been released. Also, the gold cap will be raised to 9,999,999 gold in Legion. Hue hue hue.

Developer Feedback – Mistweaver

Posted by Sigma, Blizzard.
It wouldn’t be surprising if the mastery has to come down a little, in terms of coefficient, after the EF change (what you’d expect for effectively increasing the number of spells affected by a mastery). It would also rein in the mastery benefit to Effuse somewhat. It’s not bad at all if the new mechanic introduces some more varied use cases for Effuse, but its tuning implications for will be a little clearer after seeing it in action more. Essence Font enabling those options is fine, but it’s important that mana is an important limitation on its uptime.

Effuse cost is already changed for next build, although not by much for now. We like the new mechanic, but Effuse, EF, and Gust of Mists are all pieces of the tuning picture that may shift around as it settles in. The nerf to mastery coefficient is simply to account for the fact that it now encompasses more spells, as would happen with any mastery. In fact, spreading the mastery benefit out slightly is something people have asked for.
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PvP in Alpha – Developer Notes

Since the latest deployed alpha build, PvP has been enabled on the new level 110 PvP realm. Players are able to test out the honor talents and get a feel for the new progression system. Due to weird time zones, queue times have been horrible when I’ve tried, so no luck for me yet. However, Brian Holinka has shared some developer thoughts on the new system! 

Here’s a few quick facts to refresh your memory about Legion PvP:

  • Players will have a separate, additional, talent tree for PvP.
  • To unlock the talents, you must gain Honor first, which works more like PvP experience.
  • To unlock the respective talents, you must earn:
    • Levels 1-10: 750 honor
    • Levels 11-20: 875 honor
    • Levels 21-30: 1000 honor
    • Levels 31-40: 1125 honor
    • Levels 41-50: 1250 honor
  • Once on max honor level, you can reset your honor level to gain a Prestige level. Prestige levels can unlock cosmetic rewards.
  • Your gear has less impact in Legion PvP. You have predesignated stats when entering PvP battle, meaning that all stats from your gear, set-bonuses and trinkets are disabled in PvP.
  • Item level can boost your predesignated stats, but only a little. 25 ilvls difference means a 2.5% increase in stats, as opposed to in Warlords of Draenor where it would have meant a 25% increase.
  • Since stats are predesignated, developers can tweak individual specs in a way they haven’t before, making PvP balancing easier.

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