Blue Posts and Class Hall Upgrades

While I’m finishing up the last work for April’s Patreon rewards, more alpha news has trickled in. Developers have commented on the new Essence Font change, which now indirectly benefits from mastery, and a first look at Class Hall upgrades has also been released. Also, the gold cap will be raised to 9,999,999 gold in Legion. Hue hue hue.

Developer Feedback – Mistweaver

Posted by Sigma, Blizzard.
It wouldn’t be surprising if the mastery has to come down a little, in terms of coefficient, after the EF change (what you’d expect for effectively increasing the number of spells affected by a mastery). It would also rein in the mastery benefit to Effuse somewhat. It’s not bad at all if the new mechanic introduces some more varied use cases for Effuse, but its tuning implications for will be a little clearer after seeing it in action more. Essence Font enabling those options is fine, but it’s important that mana is an important limitation on its uptime.

Effuse cost is already changed for next build, although not by much for now. We like the new mechanic, but Effuse, EF, and Gust of Mists are all pieces of the tuning picture that may shift around as it settles in. The nerf to mastery coefficient is simply to account for the fact that it now encompasses more spells, as would happen with any mastery. In fact, spreading the mastery benefit out slightly is something people have asked for.
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Alpha News! And Spoilers!

Deepwind GorgeThe alpha has transitioned beyond the Demon Hunter starting zone, and we have finally seen footage of the world in Legion. Notably, the Mistweaver quest for the new Class Hall and the acquisition quest for Sheilun! I have collected some information from various sources and pooled it here for your perusal.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead, including Monk Class Hall and Sheilun quest chains. If you want them to remain a complete surprise, stop reading now! You have been warned.


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BETA is launched!


And so is datamining!

Yesterday, we had some foreshadowing on Twitter what was about to come. People believed it to be the Overwatch beta stress test that was foreshadowed, but no! It is beta for Legion, and Wowhead and MMO are well on their way to datamine the beta to pieces. As we like it.

There’s not much on spells yet, but this is what we have seen:

Class Hall – Wandering Isle??


Class Hall.jpg

A map of the Wandering Isle, and a class quest leading to the same zone, has made us pretty certain that our new Class Hall will be in the Wandering Isle. That is thrilling news, since so many of us has requested a way back to the beautiful isle even at max level. Most had guessed Peak of Serenity, but I was holding out on something different. After all, Blizz never stated if class halls will transcend expansion or be a Legion thing. Since it has obvious ties to the artifacts (which we are pretty sure will only be a Legion thing), it is more likely that they would do an order hall that doesn’t interfere too much with old content.

But we still haven’t seen a confirmation that this is the Class Hall, but it is quite likely. For that, I am thrilled to be able to go back to the Wandering Isle! Yay!

Wandering Isle

Class Hall Champions – Li Li and Chen

Li Li Stormstout – Class: Monk, Quest: The Adventure Continues, Zone: The Wandering Isle

  • Born upon the Wandering Isle, Li Li has an insatiable thirst for adventure and exploration. Against the wishes of her father, she left the wandering isle behind to join with her uncle Chen. Together, they traveled the world in search of the homeland of their people, Pandaria. Li Li is both an experianced herbalist and a martial artist who never backs down from a fight.

Chen Stormstout – Class: Monk, Quest: , Zone: The Wandering Isle

Two of our esteemed champions will be Li Li and Chen Stormstout! Not too surprising! We could have guessed that… But I am happy to see familiar faces. I wonder if the Tian Monastery monks will be joining us as well? Or will we leave them in Draenor?

Aysa Cloudsinger and Ji Firepaw must make a return, I think!

New Icons

 inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_01 inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_02 inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_03 inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_04 inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_05

Sheilun has apparently separate icons for of the five versions of the staff. I will try to get a hold of all Monk related icons as soon as they’re posted. It’s possible that the majority of them is still in the works however.

Updated will be coming as soon as I learn something new!

Monk Class Hall – Possibilities and Speculations

Shrine of Seven Stars

Good news everyone! I have a shameful lot of time on my hands, so I have written a little exposition about different locations and themes our future Monk Class Hall could potentially have. Since Blizzard hasn’t graced us with the information yet, I will take the opportunity to flex my imagination’s muscles and bombard your visual senses. Since I also like to rant a lot, it would be foolish to expect any sort of brevity. Away we go!

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