Mistweaver Acrobatics

I took a break from writing guides and did a fun little video instead!

My cleaver readers might already know about these little Mistweaver tricks, but there could be some people out there who have missed it. New Mistweavers could also learn something too! But to be honest, I just wanted an excuse to do a fun video with silly music. Pandarens are hilarious to play around with.

As I have had it pointed out to me, one could argue that this is a *monk* acrobatics video, not just Mistweaver. But there is only one spec of Monks, so I have no idea what people are on about. What, brewers and windies? No idea, peeps.

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Talent Tree Revisited

Chi Explosion

I know I said I wouldn’t write about talents until 6.1 and that I actually should sit and write about BRF encounters. But then I needed to take a break from it, so I just started to write a little about the talents and then lo and behold; I’ve done the whole talent tree. Now with a short version of what talents to pick and a long version that describes exactly why you should pick a specific talent. And I’ve added some illustrations of scrolls again. What? I’m not obsessed the Avatar-series, bending scrolls or anything like that. It’s just aesthetically logical.

Mistweaver Talents

So take a look and read all about the Mistweaver talents. You may learn something you didn’t know!