Talent Tree Revisited

Chi Explosion

I know I said I wouldn’t write about talents until 6.1 and that I actually should sit and write about BRF encounters. But then I needed to take a break from it, so I just started to write a little about the talents and then lo and behold; I’ve done the whole talent tree. Now with a short version of what talents to pick and a long version that describes exactly why you should pick a specific talent. And I’ve added some illustrations of scrolls again. What? I’m not obsessed the Avatar-series, bending scrolls or anything like that. It’s just aesthetically logical.

Mistweaver Talents

So take a look and read all about the Mistweaver talents. You may learn something you didn’t know!

Mistweaver Discussion – The Level 100 Talents

In this post I’ll try to explain the fine details of the Mistweaver level 100 talents, and hopefully give you a better insight on what talents to choose in different situations. I’ll start with Breath of the Serpent and Pool of Mists and save Chi Explosion till last, since the complexity of that spell require a longer exposition. At the end of the post I will summarize the pros and cons of each ability.

Breath of the SerpentBreath of the Serpent

Breath of the Serpent is 1.5 minute cooldown that lets your statue breath a 20 yard cone of healing mists towards you. This is a powerful AoE healing cooldown which has no AoE cap. The more targets it hits, the greater the healing becomes.

Breath of the serpent 2The healing is in the form of a Heal over Time spell; a certain amount of healing ticks every second for 20 seconds. This spell is affected by haste and can therefore get more ticks. There are originally 10 ticks, of which the total healing of those tick would heal roughly half of what Enveloping Mist total ticks would heal, except on an unlimited number of targets.

The drawbacks of the spell is that it’s awkward to use. The party or raid must be tightly stack and you and your statue must be perfectly placed to use it efficiently. If the group moves within the 20 seconds, it’s possible to track them with the breath by following them, but it’s not possible to reposition the statue during the breath’s duration. Everyone who stand in the breath gets a buff however, so you can see which people are standing correctly and which are not (if you use Healbot you have to manually select the buff to show).

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