Elvui Profiles Updated!

I know my Elvui profiles are very popular, so I’ve taken the time to update them for Battle for Azeroth. In addition, I’ve added some new textures to my Gumroad page to better complement the profiles. Please have a look below!

Elvui Profiles

Gumroad Page

Remember to download the textures. The old ones are included but I’ve changed the names on some. I have more pages I want to update on my blog. Taking it one step at a time!

Heart of Azeroth – Monk Preview

In Battle for Azeroth, we will say goodbye to our artifacts. Instead we will get a neck-piece called Heart of Azeroth, which we will empower with Azerite much like we empowered the artifacts with artifact power. Here is a small preview of how the system works, with a sneak peek at a few Monk traits!

The Heart of Azeroth

  • The Heart of Azeroth
  • Your Heart of Azeroth is used for all specs! No need to gain Azerite to level each spec, it’s the same power progression.
  • Levelling the Heart through azerite will unlock traits in the three Azerite Armor slots (Head, Shoulders and Chest).
  • Higher levelled Heart unlocks more traits in the armor.
  • There are four tiers of traits in the armor tree. See concept image below:
Concept image of the tier tree for a head-piece ‘Coil of Entwined Fates’
  • Each unique armor piece has different traits to choose from, with higher level gear having better traits. These traits are predetermined.

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New Monk UIs and Custom Art

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this for a long time. The past month I’ve been working on some new free UIs and textures for Monks. This is of course part of the update for my blog, which still has a few outdated pages (but a few less now!). These UIs are very simple Elvui profiles with some extra custom art and textures, and I hope you’ll like them!

It’s all for free, but some links lead to my Gumroad store. Just type in 0$ to download the art packages for free, or add a few dollars to show support for my work. Thanks! :)

Download Elvui Profile here: Elvui Profiles
Download Icon HUD here: Weakaura Icons
Download Custom art here: Custom Art Textures

Monk UIs

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New Alpha Build – New Zone and Brewmaster

A new alpha build has hit the servers! The zone Azsuna is now available, and so is the Brewmaster spec. Mistweavers had a few nerfs and changes, our Class Hall has updated UI and new models have been introduced. A small spoiler tag for Brewmaster acquisition quest is in order for this post.

Mistweaver Changes

  • Reawaken is now learned at level 44, up from level 14.
  • Rising Sun Kick now costs 3% mana, up from 2%.
  • Refreshing Jade Wind now heals for 225% of Spell Power, down from 355.5%.
  • Refreshing Jade Wind now also increases the healing of Essence Font by 20% while active.
  • Spirit of the Crane now causes Tiger Palm to make Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick refund 0.75% mana, down from 1%.
  • Fortune Turned no longer increases the effectiveness of Gusts of Mists and periodic healing of the initial target of Renewing Mist. It has been reworked to:
    • Your Effuse applies Fortune Turned to the target, increasing the healing received by your next Effuse by 15% for 6 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Provoke is now available to all Monk specs.

It’s sad to see the heavy mana nerf to the fistweaving build; it reduces its viability and can potentially hurt talent diversity in the long run. But it’s only alpha and a long way till launch, we will have to see how the build performs in raid testing as well!

Monk Hall UI Updates
Monk Hall UI

ClassHall ButtonThe Monk Class Hall has got a UI update where you can see your followers and available quest. Class Hall campaigns has also been unlocked (haven’t tried it personally though). So far, listed Monk champions are: Chen Stormsout (BM), Aegira (BM), Angus Ironfist (BM), Li Li Stormstout (MW), Hiro (MW), Sylara Steelsong (MW), Taran Zhu (WW) and The Monkey King (WW).

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Major WeakAura Library Update – Live!

After innumerable hours of work, the WeakAura Library update is finally live! The Library is now split into three parts and include Mistweaver Icon Auras, Custom Texture Auras and a section completely dedicated to UI Troubleshooting. It also includes graphic auras for Windwalker and Brewmaster Monks! Since the update is so large, there may be some issues with some of the auras – if you find them, please report in the Troubleshooting page (comments are enabled there)!

Serpent Promo

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Feedback on Monk Blog

The Monk Blog for Legion changes has arrived and dropped a bomb on all of us Mistweavers. Many changes are ahead of us – but remember, the blog only shows the basic rotation; we haven’t seen the talents (and there will be many many new ones), which are the ones that will bring depth and complexity to our spec. With that in mind, we have only seen a glimpse of what Mistweaving will be like in Legion. Not to mention, there will be a roller-coaster ride of changes in the Beta, and you can be a part of shaping the new Mistweaver by giving feedback.

In this post I will give my initial thoughts on the new changes. I will put heavy focus on Mistweavers (naturally), but I’ll also mention Windwalker and Brewmaster changes at the end. Apologies for the length of the post, but there is so much to discuss! And I blame Blizzard, they welcomed feedback so warmly I just had to go all out.

MistweaverMistweaver Wall

Summary of changes, collected from the Monk blog and Developer tweets:

What we have lost:

  • Chi – “Mistweavers will now use Mana, not Chi, as a resource, since it reduced choices and restricted gameplay in many situations.”
  • Crane Stance / Eminence – “We’re also focusing Mistweavers solely on healing, rather than supporting a type of mixed attack-healing gameplay that felt awkward and ultimately didn’t live up to our goals for the spec—it was unintuitive, and chiefly useful as a mana management tool.”
  • Melee Spells – “Mistweavers will now be treated like other ranged specs for the purpose of encounter ability targeting.”
    • Edit1:
    • “Mistweaver will still have melee abilities for dealing damage, they’re just not dual-purposed into providing smart heals.”‘
    • Edit2:
    • “During an encounter where you can’t be in melee, Crackling Jade Lightning makes a good fallback.”
    • Will make a blog post on this subject.
  • Uplift – replaced with the two new spells Vivify and Essence Font.

Modified spells:

  • Soothing Mist
    • Passive
    • Your Effuse, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also trigger Soothing Mist.
    • After casting these spells, you continue to channel healing mists into the target, healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action.
    • Developer Comments
      • Need efficient healing? Cast any heal and let Soothing Mist continue to provide free healing as long as you feel comfortable!
      • Need high-throughput healing? Cast any heal and move onto the next target in need of healing, without spending time on Soothing Mist.
      • For Mistweavers, it’s OK to have open global cooldowns between heals—Soothing Mist fills these gaps.
    • “Soothing Mist has a channel bar, but no duration. We’re considering multiple options for how interrupts affect it.”
    • “Currently, we’re trying it beeing uninterruptible. We may also try having it interruptible, but on the Physical school.”
  • Renewing Mist
    • 5% Mana, Instant, 6 sec cooldown
    • You surround the target with healing mists, restoring a huge amount of health over 20 sec.
    • If Renewing Mist causes any overhealing, it will travel to the most injured ally within 20 yds.
    • When Renewing Mist heals, it has a 4% chance to increase the healing of your next Vivify by 50%.
    • “Our goal with Mistweaver Monks is to accentuate the existing characteristics that define them, and resolve some core gameplay issues. In simple terms, this means we’ve redesigned their abilities so that you can directly use the spells you want rather than having to set up an excessive amount of other abilities first.The most prominent example of this was Renewing Mist, which served primarily as a setup for Uplift; we’ve reworked Renewing Mist to stand on its own…”
  • Enveloping Mist
    • 6.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 2 sec cast
    • Wrap the target in healing mists, healing them for a huge amount over 6 sec, and increasing healing received from your spells by 30%.
  • Mana Tea – “Mana Tea is no longer present in its current form, but there is a new variant of it in talents.”
  • Statue – “There is a talent that brings back the Statue for players who miss it.”

New Abilities:

  • Effuse (Single Heal)
    • 1.8% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
    • A fast and efficient spell, healing the target for a minor amount.
    • “Effuse is a fast and cheap way to start Soothing on a target. It’s the Monk’s answer to spells like the Priest’s “Heal.”
  • Essence Font (AoE Heal)
    • 8.0% Mana, 40 yd range, Channeled
    • Unleash a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 25 yds, every 1 sec for 3 sec.
    • Each bolt heals the target for a moderate amount, plus an additional moderate amount over 8 sec.
    • “The channel on Essence Font is there to help balance its large amount of total healing. At 3 seconds, it’s still quite flexible.”
  • Vivify (Cleave Heal)
    • 5.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
    • Cause a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for a moderate amount.
  • Mistwalk (Talent)
    • 40 yd range, Instant, 20 sec recharge, 2 charges
    • Instantly dash to an ally, and heal them for a large amount.
  • Mastery (NEW): Gust of Mists
    • Your targeted heals also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the target for a minor amount (increasing with Mastery from gear).
    • “It’s fairly different from other healer masteries: it’s a flat amount, not a percentage.”’
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane (Talent)
    • ???
    • “We love Chi-Ji too! Keep an eye out for a new talent: “Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane.”

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A Preview of Monk Artifacts

Monk Artifacts

While we still don’t know where our Class Order Hall is located, we did get to see all the artifacts displayed at Blizzcon and on a new page on World of Warcraft’s webpage. Sheilun, the Mistweaver staff, was known since before but now we also get a little background story to how the staff came about. The same goes for the artifacts for Brewmaster and Windwalker spec, that will be given Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion and Fists of Heaven respectively.

Judging by the presentation, each artifact seem to have 5 variants with 4 different colors each. In other words, it’ll likely be about 20 variations of each artifact. This will give us tremendous choice to customize our weapons to different types of looks and feels. You can of course transmog your artifact to look like any other weapon (but not the other way around), but why would you? They are gorgeous!

So here are the artifacts and their background story:

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UI Addiction Part 2: Again, Dammit!

Have you ever played the indie game Journey on PS3 or PS4? It is, hands down, the most beautiful game ever created. There’s no comparison when it comes to music, art and story. As I was tanking in my Brewmaster spec, I realised I wanted my UI to have some of the textures that can be seen in Journey. One, two, three, and a creative avalanche had set off. I brushed up my custom textures for the Brewmaster spec, and as I was admiring it, I knew I had to copy it to all my other specs. So… A few hours later, and my UI now looks shiny and new. Again. Thank my addiction.

UI Love - SerpentUI Love - CraneUI Love - TigerUI Love - Ox

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