Highmaul “The Arcane Sanctum” Guide up!

The next batch of boss guides are up. The second wing of Highmaul, called the Arcane Sanctum consists of Tectus, Twin Ogron and Ko’ragh. Though I think Tectus should actually be part of the Walled City, since he standing on the outside of the sanctum! But Blizzard decided that they wanted equal number of bosses in each wing, so there you go.

Here are the guides:

Tectus Guide

Twin Ogron Guide

Ko’ragh Guide

You can also find the guides in Encounter Guides > Highmaul.

Now there is only Imperator Mar’gok to write about. It might take some time before I have finished that guide though, since it such a complex and long fight to cover. But I’ll get there!