Elvui Update – A Gift

Good news, everyone!
While my blog was having a minor breakdown, Elvui made an amazing new tool to import and export Elvui profiles. Guess what? Yes, I have added the my three profiles for Elvui on a brand new page in my WeakAura Library. Now you can easily import my profile to complete the look of my Mistweaver UI (and continue on the Windwalker and Brewmaster UI). Since it is a new feature, it might have some initial bugs, but I have tried it and it seemed to work as intended.

To find the profiles go to my WeakAura Hub > WeakAura Library > Elvui Profiles;

Or just click here.

It might be a little misleading to have it under “WeakAura Library”, but since it is as part of a set, I figured it would be best to have it easy at hand. Maybe I need to rename the things again, sometime in the future.

Anyway, here are images of the Elvui profiles I’ve made, in their “bare” format, so to speak:

Mistweaver Profile


Windwalker ProfileElvuiWindwalker

Brewmaster Profile ElvuiBrewmaster

The profiles can be used on any character of course (they are not locked to a specific class or spec), and you can easily configure the colors to your liking.

I hope you find this a useful feature when you build your own UI! As always, I’m curious to see how things worked out for you; so send me pictures of the result! :D

Happy building!

21 thoughts on “Elvui Update – A Gift”

  1. I actually renabled my account because reading your blog made want to tool aroud with my ui. It also gives me an excuse yo really learn Photoshop XD

  2. I have the latest Elvui and addons but it does not under import allow a profile to be imported. My version is 8.5 elvui with shadows & light. Please help.


    1. Strange O.o have you tried uninstalling it and then reinstall it? Then go to /ec menu, and check under “Profiles” and see if you can find the button.

  3. So are you telling me, that I can HAVE your UI? I don’t use ElvUI (tried it a few times, but I always felt more comfortable building my own stuff), but your UI looks really well thought of for raiding. If I install ElvUI and then import your stuff, my UI looks like yours? Because if that would be a “yes”, I know what I’m doing this afternoon.

    Again, thanks for the awesome blog, I’m glad it’s back up and I really hope you’ll stream again soon :) I always learn something new watching you heal mythic.

    1. If you look at the promo image of my Mistweaver UI you will see two main addons: elvui and weakauras. If you have the Elvui addons and import my profile, the interface will pretty much look like that from the get-go. The weakauras (the icons and graphic units you see) can also be imported and made to look like that with the Masque skin. However, I’ve made all the auras I share about the same size, a.k.a. you need to resize and reposition them a little to make them look like the picture. But yes, you can make your own UI look like mine with a little time and dedication; I’ve given you the building blocks :)

  4. Thank you so much for releasing this to us. Your UI is beautiful and I’ve always wanted to use it as a stepping-stone for making my own.

    With that in mind I’ve been importing several of your WA strings and using Masque to skin them, and I’ve run into a problem I’m hoping you can help with.

    It seems that Masque “forgets” what I’ve skinned. I’ll assign a skin to a WA and it’ll look great, but when I log back in some (but not all) will revert back to their default and I have to go back into Masque and reassign the skins.

    Have you experienced this, and if so were you able to resolve it?

      1. Alright, I’ll go have a look over at their forums. I’ve already been there (but didn’t post a question) and couldn’t find anything, nor was Google much help.

        Hopefully I can find some help posting to their forums. I really enjoy what you’ve created, but having to manually reconfigure Masque settings on every login is obviously not tolerable.

        1. Agreed! I find that people are usually helpful if you post and describe the problems you have; might find a person who has the same. And try several forums for better reach, hopefully someone has a fix for you!

  5. Wonderful work! I truly appreciate you sharing all your hard work. I tried to donate, but Paypal doesn’t take JPY as a currency. Any ideas on a workaround?

    1. It’s fine donating in dollars even if it’s not your currency; it will simply withdraw the corresponding sum from your account (a.k.a. if you donated $10, then ¥1,187 would be withdrawn from the account (hope I got the currency right there xD)).
      Thank you for the supoort! ^^ ♥

  6. Hello Ashleah…

    Since i saw your forum i totaly fallen in love with Monks again, so much i made 2 more MW monks just for the fun of it.

    I love your whole UI skills. i made a whole copy of them myself in weakaurau’s.. man what a work goes into it..
    I just have 1 thing missing in my UI and that is the art in the corners, going from crane red into serpent green. can u pls help me out a bit here.. where can i get it and how do i put it into WA.


    A nother Mistweaver lover

  7. Hey, quick question, does this UI work to every class? I know it probably won’t bcuz well you wrote MW Monk in the corner of it but still I am in love with this UI and I tried out your crimson ruby UI and it did not appear as it should do, probably it happened something when pre-patch became a thing, hopefully you will fix that and create more UIs in the future :) Maybe create more minimal and clean ui basically try to get it as clean as possible for a raider

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