Not so Zen – But Let’s Talk About It

I’m usually a very optimistic person and I like to look things on the bright side, but give me a moment here to go just a little cray-cray (yes, I said it).

For the past few days there hasn’t been that much activity on the Misty Teahouse. Not because I’m neglecting it, simply because I’m waiting for fun stuff to happen that I can talk about. Days pass, and it has been like watching paint dry. I have levelled my alts and I’m up to ten level 100 chars.

TEN level 100 characters… Let that sink in people.

Why, do you ask? Have I developed some kind of brain disease? No, that’s not the case. I like to have projects to keep my mind busy. When fun projects aren’t available, I turn to the mind-numbing ones just to make sure that I don’t start molding in a dark corner. And I do have several project on-going. I’m writing my WeakAura guide, which is fun but also requires a lot of energy and planning. I write a little everyday but I can’t bang my head against that project for a longer period of time without getting a concussion. I mean, it’s a large project. I don’t think I’ve explained this in full, but it’s not one WeakAura guide – it’s a full series! I start with the absolute basics and then work my way up to more advanced guides. I have a habit of always putting my ambitions sky high when I’m doing projects…

Okay, in-game then? What about raiding? That has almost been put to a halt. And it sucks. I would like to raid Mythic at least three times a week, but our guild has seen such a loss in raiders that we can basically only raid Mythic once a week, if we’re lucky. And yes, we are constantly recruiting and trying to find guilds to co-raid with but people are losing interest in the game. For every person we recruit, two raiders stop playing. We’ve seen that after the launch of Draenor, Blizzard has had like a 3 million loss of subscribers. It’s insane!

I’ve been trying to get my head around this problem. I agree that the game is not as fun as before, but why? My conclusion is that World of Warcraft’s strength has always been the fun social part. That has taken a serious toll since garrisons were introduced. I like garrisons, but right now it’s the centre of the expansion; a.k.a. everyone’s sitting in a dark corner in their garrisons instead of being out and about doing stuff together. Of course WoW is losing its shine if that’s the case. Getting people to do stuff together is like trying to claw a couchpotatoe from the metaphorical couch that is its garrison and go out in the sunshine and take a walk into the bright open world. It’s a thankless and impossible job.

But I’m not professing any doomsday prophecies here. I just describe the situation as it is right now. I have hopes that 6.2 might change that, since we’re more likely to be out and about in Tanaan Jungle. It’s like a sandbox for level 100 chars. You can go up to people and scream “Play with me!!” and they won’t have much choice because they can’t phase into their garrison back in wherever. So hey, here’s hoping.

Righty, speaking of 6.2. How about some previews, Mistweaver style? Er, that would be the dream. The problem is that I want first hand experience when writing about it, and it’s been a little lackluster in that department. I say lackluster because I’ve only done RF, which doesn’t say anything at all about the fights in Hellfire Citadel. But I’m biding my time for the next build which will contain T18 and the class trinket. Then I’ll write about 6.2 till no tomorrow!

But for now, I just want to tell you guys that I’m here, I’m still playing, writing and loving Mistweavers. Thank you for being so awesome readers and here’s some love to the Mistweaver community.


And if you don’t like cute fluffy pandas… You get one anyway.

3 thoughts on “Not so Zen – But Let’s Talk About It”

  1. Take your time on the guide, but I would like to say REALLY looking forward to it! I agree wow has seen better days, but hopefully blizzard will realize this and put it back in the right direction!

  2. This makes me sad to hear!
    I know what you mean though, this is the exact same trouble my guild is currently going though. :(
    You should all migrate to Arathor Haha.

  3. HEy ihave some problem to set the zen ui idk what i missed to install or what i do wrong maybe u can help me ;D

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