Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Nythendra

Here are my personal notes from my progression on Mythic Nythendra – or at least the cleaned-up version of them. The original notes had more colorful language, spelling mistakes and abbreviations until oblivion. But now they’re legible – hurray!

nythendraNythendra Active

  • Infested debuff stacks inevitably during the fight and is cleared at Heart of the Swarm. If you have 10  or more stacks of Infested, you will be mind-controlled after Nythendra casts Infested Mind (which always happen directly after casting Infested Breath). Stack up before the cast so that non-mc people can dish out enough damage to break the mc.
    • Do not use Leg Sweep since debuffs remain even after MC. The mind-control is easily broken though, so Spinning Crane Kick is fine.
    • Try to stagger MCs so that you always have enough people to break out affected players. This sometimes mean that you have to stand in puddles to accumulate stacks on purpose. Raid leader should keep an eye out on how many will get mind-controlled.
    • 3rd MC is critical since Rot will be cast about the same time. Spread directly after MC is broken.
  • Stand at least 8 yds away from allies when affected by Rot. When expired, green patch will spawn beneath you. Put puddles at the edge of a room at a designated location.
    • Use a Health Pot to heal while running out with Rot unless you can cast an emergency heal during or before the run. High-ticking damage!
  • Run out of Infested Breath. It targets random non-tank players. Make sure that the subsequent puddles are as stacked as possible by having players standing near existing puddles when breath is incoming.
  • Don’t stand close to the affected tank when Volatile Rot explodes. It’s raid-wide damage, but the closer to the explosion the more damage it does.

Heart of Swarm Active

  • Do not stand near insects when Heart of the Swarm is active. Puddles will also be sucked into the boss, watch out for flying green patches (which is why you want to stack them, so there are safe areas in this phase).
  • During heart of the swarm, you number one priority is to avoid the insects. 1-2 ticks of their AoE and you’re dead. This means the raid need to spread out and dodge the moving puddles, otherwise multiple insects will spawn where the group is and you all die at the same time.
  • Healing is second priority. Never finish a cast if an insect is close. Run over the puddles rather than standing close to the insects. You can take Infested stacks but not the insect damage.
    • You can pre-hot an Enveloping Mist before you run in case you get an unlucky hit. Angle the camera to get a bird-eye view of the area. Diffuse Magic if necessary.


  • High points of raid damage; when Volatile Rot explodes on tanks and directly after Mind-control.
  • High points of personal damage; if affacted by Rot and if caught close to one of the insects during Heart of the Swarm.
  • Don’t use Leytorrent Potion if Rot or Infested Breath are within 10 sec.
  • Diffuse Magic when affected by Rot or at Heart of the Swarm, because ouch.
  • Fistweaving is perfect for this fight since you will be able to stand in melee for most of the fight.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane / Revival / Mana Tea on Heart of the Swarm or after the MC phase (Revival can clean off all the nasty debuffs players collect).

WeakAuras – Infested Stacks


More notes on mythic bosses are in-coming!

8 thoughts on “Mistweaver Notes – Mythic Nythendra”

  1. Hey, thanks for writing this blog. I was wondering if you could expand a bit more on fist weaving for this fight… What you use and when.

  2. What else besides Detox do we have as MW to help dispel as in 5 man Court of Stars I just couldnt keep on top of the amount which is being thrown out by the adds? Also ine of the raids is the same and I know I can stun with Leg sweep but thats only if im close enough to the caster? As WW I hace spear strike and disable but we seem limited on MW or is it just me lol?

    1. Detox and Revival clear debuffs, and Tiger’s Lust clear movement impairing effects (great for Dragons of Nightmare encounter). Otherwise praying that DPS interrupts / avoid debuffs might work, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

  3. Oh cool, thanks for the tips…I’m only up to normal for Nythendra (easily clearing it but could always improve my healing etc. I find using transcendence, as always, makes this a lot easier to do than when I’m doing this fight on my resto druid =/).

    Btw, I was wondering if you could tell us what stat weights to use? (I have the addon pawn but not sure if the standard weights they use are accurate…) I’m really confused since various ‘experts’ are recommending different numbers. I had a look at that big online excel sheet by Geodew but I haven’t a clue how to use it. :3

        1. Oh sorry I meant stat weights not the stat priorities :) I realise getting versatility is rather difficult atm but is there such a thing as too much crit? Is having a little haste and mastery ok to have if I’m not fistweaving?

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