Zen UI in Shop and Mythic Musings

Mythic Emerald Nightmare has been opened for less than one lock-out and the world-first race is already finished! Celebrations and congratulations to the winners, good job! The rest of us are just trying to catch up now. Oh, and I’ve updated my Gumroad with the Patreon reward package from August; Zen UI!

Zen UI on Gumroad

6-zen promo-ui

My Gumroad Shop
Zen UI Help Post

My artistic journey continues! Thank you for supporting me by buying my art – I hope you find interface art just as exciting as I do!

I use the Zen UI on my main Mistweaver, so I’ve been stress-testing it in Mythic Emerald Nightmare and I must say that I’m very proud of this one. Of course you can use the art in entirely different ways than I do, that’s the beauty of it just being art!

I feel more confident in doing a video now where I can explain my UI setup and my thoughts about it. There’s loads of different things I think about besides the art, where I place it and how much space it uses. Also, keybinds, macros, other addons etc. are part of the set-up as well. So, I’ll do a video where I can explain it in a little bit more detail. First, I’ve just got to work myself out of the pile of current belated jobs I have. Getting there.

Speaking of Mythic Emerald Nightmare; the world-first race is already over and it felt like it was the shortest race to date. It took, what?, two days maybe? Can’t say exactly why it was so short this time, but likely it was because we entered mythics with very good gear from the start.

Either way, since my guild haven’t raided anything on the Legion beta, this is our first time in EM mythic and we are enjoying ourselves immensely! The encounters are fun and it feels so good to be back doing progression raiding again. Hallelujah! I might continue posting some of my Mistweaver notes on the blog; for mythics I do a post per boss instead of the whole encounter. But it will be released in about the same pace of my own progression. Nythendra down, and we might get on more this lock-out, we’ll see!

Until next time~

3 thoughts on “Zen UI in Shop and Mythic Musings”

  1. Thank you so much, Ashleah, for the ZenUI. It is absolutely amazing and i’m using a lot of it at the moment. I’m not copying your layout but i’m just using your art assets to make my own version of it. When it is more complete UI might even share it for reference on your blog if you like.

  2. awesome looking UI`s as usual girl, keep up the good work. only thing i really miss are those dragons u hade in one of ur first builds, ( the green dragon )

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