Xavius Mythic Kill Video

Yesterday, my guild finally took down the last boss of the Emerald Nightmare, mythic. And I actually remembered to record this time! Hallelujah! So, if you’re interested in seeing the kill or having a look at my current healer UI, it’s now at your disposal here or at YouTube.

The Emerald Nightmare Journey

Emerald Nightmare has definitely been fast-paced and, from the context of things, rather brief. Part, because EM seems to be a soft start to Legion (it has been indicated that it’ll be a rather long expansion), and hasn’t been the most challenging raid. Probably because tiers doesn’t drop from the raid and no one started with a fully fleshed-out Artifact. I have a feeling that Nighthold might give us more to chew on.

Also, on a more personal level, because this is the first time my guild started with a good mythic setup from the get-go. A stable beginning to a new expansion, in other words.

All in all, I think Emerald Nightmare is a good starter raid and there are some great bosses in it. And some less great bosses. Looking at you, Il’gynoth. Though I’m a bit confounded why Cenarius was more difficult than Xavius, but there you go. Can’t have everything!

My Healer UI

Since I’m really bad at making videos, even though I’m constantly thinking about it, this is also the first look of my UI setup. As you might’ve noticed, I use the Zen theme from my Patreon (available on Gumroad). In addition, I’ve added a few distinctly monk accessories for myself, as an afterthought. The crane, the Mana Tea / Thunder Focus Tea trackers, for example. I live and breathe art, and I’m not happy until I’ve smeared my whole UI with themed visual markers. It’s a fixation of mine. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Trial of Valor

The new raid Trial of Valor has launched today in Europe, and me and my guild will be trying our hands at it tonight. I have no idea what to expect, but it’s always fun with new content! I’ll probably tweet about it. Until next time~

5 thoughts on “Xavius Mythic Kill Video”

  1. Hi, I have a question that’s a bit unrelated, but you actually mentioned your current ui in the post, so it kinda is related.
    I’ve started working more on my windwalker ui today, and as I’ve fallen in love with these hex weakauras of yours I wanted to get a similar look for my WAs. I got masque and found the skin pack that includes the hex skins (trinity). I have a problem with it tho, and only with this particular skin set. It seems that you’re also still using it, so maybe you can help me: masque won’t remember that it should use this skin after relogs. I just have normal icon weakauras without a skin after relog. Have you had any problems like that with it?
    (I’m asking here because the skins set itself seems abandoned since ~2012-14 and I see no similar problems on the masque forum.)

  2. Hi Ashleah, congrats on the Xavius fight! I’m guessing this is a fistweaving build you used for this fight? Would be able to tell us what stats you had during this fight in terms of haste/mastery/crit? Just want to get an idea of what I should be ideally aiming for to be able to do mythic fights. Thanks! :)

    1. Fistweaving is best used when you have the legendaries for it, which I don’t, so I go with traditional build which uses Vers > Crit > Haste > Mastery stat priorities. Try to get vers/crit on as many items as possible, since those stats seriously bumps up our AoE healing!

  3. Congrats on the Xavius kill! I am in love with the UI setup you were using in the video. I have the ZenUI package but I am having a bit of trouble getting it to where I want it. If you have time I would greatly appreciate it if you could post an export of your Elvui setup. Thanks for all your hard work, the ZenUI looks beautiful.

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