WoD Mistweaver Changes Part 2 – Stats & Priorities

New Stats, New Game Plan

To our great delight, we will finally be rid of the most boring stats in WoW as soon as the pre-patch launches. Say goodbye to expertise, hit, parry and dodge on gear (parry and dodge will still exist in other forms). Say hello to our new friends Multistrike and Versatility.

Multistrike is a stat which will give you two chances to proc an additional strike for 30% damage or healing of the original strike. Let’s say you have 20% MS. You do a heal for 100; this means that you have one 20% chance to do an extra strike, and another 20% chance to do an extra strike. If both procs you will get a 100 heal + 30 + 30. In total you will get a heal of 160. Multistrike is not only eligible for cast spells, but also for HoT ticks. The multistrikes can also crit, which is pretty nice. In addition, it is easy to stack since you only need 66 rating for each % MS.

Versatility is a very straightforward stat. For each 1% versatility, you do an additional 1% damage, 1% healing and 0.5% damage reduction. While it is a very handy stat, it is harder to stack. You need 130 rating for every % versatility.

But wait, there is more. The tertiary stats are bonus stats that have a small chance to proc on gear. The list is;

Warforged (additional ilvls)
Gem socket (slots for gems)
Bonus armor (damage reduction and ATP increase)
Leech (returns a portion of your healing/damage as healing to you)
Speed (movement speed increase)
Avoidance (damage reduction from aoe effects)

Warforged items and gem sockets are rare and a fine upgrade to your gear. In the start of the expansion gem sockets are more valuable than warforged, but warforged will surpass gems as we excel in ilvls in future patches.

The stats are meant to be a fun bonus on your gear. It will not change your gameplay by any large degree. It can be a fun addition to your gear though!

Hasty Biddings of your GCD and Breakpoints

I’m sorry to report our fantastically low GCD of 1 second, a rare feature for a healer spec, has been increased to 1.5 sec like all the others. This will make healing feel a little bit slower, especially in Crane Stance. Fortunately, we have the Focus and Harmony passive that allows Haste to lower our GCD to a minimum of 1 sec.

On another note of Haste, break points are finally gone! Rejoice, because this means no more strict capping and dismal despair when you realise you’re between breakpoints. The problem with haste before was that the duration of a HoT could vary depending on how many ticks your haste allowed. This resulted in a strange sawtooth pattern of time and ticks. This has been solved by allowing fractional ticks. The duration of your HoT will be constant, and if the time runs out and you’re halfway to another tick, you will get a fraction of that tick. Haste will then have a continuous and smooth scaling with the percentage. (Are you interested to read more on the subject, I suggest reading Hamlet’s post on the subject).

Spirited Healer

Spirit is back and this time around, you want it. But first, let me explain the basic changes.

Spirited healerIn Warlords, your base mana regen has doubled. This means as you go in to level 90 levelling dungeons, you’ll feel pretty much invincible. And that is the point; an easy transition to WoD so that the mistakes of Cata won’t be repeated. However, as you progress up to level 100, this effect will wear off.

Spirit is 8 times as effective now compared to Mists. For every point of spirit rating you’ll get an increase in MP5 (mana per 5 seconds, a way to measure mana regen). In MoP, this was 0.56 MP5 per point, in WoD this has increased to a whopping 2.06 MP5 per point! Spirit is as a result, incredibly strong in Warlords.

But why then would you want spirit? Base mana regen is up and spirit gives you an additional boost to the regen party. Why would you value spirit at all? Well, the short answer is, spirit is hard to find and you’ll need every bit of it. Our healer stat only shows up on our accessories now; necks, rings, trinkets and cloaks. Since healing will be much harder in WoD and AoE healing very expensive, every bit of mana regen boost is desired.

Still not convinced? What if I tell you that almost every Mana cooldown has been removed? Mana Tide Totem, Innervate, Hymn of Hope, they’re gone.

The trick in WoD is instead to regain mana through spell selection. Your most efficient heals will let you spend less mana than you regenerate. Are you low on mana, change tactics and use the cheap ones for a while and then you’ll be back in the game. Spirit will of course speed up the process.

Mistweaver Stat Priority List

  1. Intellect
  2. Multistrike (66 rating for each %)
  3. Spirit
  4. Crit (110 rating for each %)
  5. Versatility (130 rating for each %)
  6. Haste (100 rating for each %)
  7. Mastery (115 rating for each %)

Intellect is of course still our main stat! This time it doesn’t give extra crit, it is simply an increase in spell power.

Multistrike is our priority stat. It increases our healing by giving us extra multistrikes on our heals, both casts and HoT ticks. Jade MistsThe Jade Mist passive also gives us the chance, equal to our multistrike, to not put ReM or RSK on cooldown when used. This is a pure throughput and gives the Mistweavers a fun game play. Remember that each multistrike also have a chance to crit!

Crit gives us both increased heals and mana regen. Mana Tea is thankfully still in the game though a bit nerfed. It only gives you 1 stack of Mana Tea instead of 2. Stacking crit will therefor lead to an increase in mana regen and throughput!

Versatility is a nice simple boost to our healing, but as said before, notoriously hard to stack. The priority of this stat can be a bit fluent depending on your gear and play style.

Haste lowers our GCD (thanks to Focus and HarmonyFocus and Harmony passive) and shortens cast time on some spells. Even though this seems like a very enticing stat, it still can’t outweigh MS or Crit. Shorter cast times often mean that you spend more mana, and we want to be a bit more conservative with that.

New Healing Sphere animation
New Healing Sphere animation

Mastery increases the chance to proc Healing Spheres when we heal an injured ally. Even though Gift of the Serpent has been buffed, this is not something you want to invest in.

Thanks for the read, hopefully you found something interesting. I will keep posting about the changes in Warlords so keep yourself updated!

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