WeakAura (Icon) Library Updated

Only half a month to go before Legion – it’s high time to make sure that your UI is on point! I have a string of updates I need to do before launch, and today I can tick on of them off: the Mistweaver Icon Aura Library. I’ve got you covered! 

In my Icon Aura library you can find export strings for all kinds of auras. I have nearly all abilities (shows cooldown of Renewing Mist, Revival, Life Cocoon, etc), good auras for fistweaving (Teachings of the Monastery, Rising Sun Kick), talents (Lifecycles, Mana Tea, etc.) and trackers that shows how many people in your group are affected by ReM and the Essence Font buff. I recommend skinning the icons with the addon Masque and a few extension addons!

Auras: WeakAura Library > Mistweaver Icon Auras
Skins: WeakAura Skins


Import them, skin them, re-position them, re-size them, customize how you like! There’s no end to the possibilities!

I have a whole boat-load of updates that still need doing before the launch of Legion. I also plan to add a page on our Artifact Sheilun, where I can write its abilities, progression tree, models, transmog etc. There is so much that needs to be done, and so little time!

Anyway, hopefully I can roll out more updates soonish. Keep a sharp eye!


19 thoughts on “WeakAura (Icon) Library Updated”

  1. Hey there, i just want to say thank u for your awesome work, i tried to update the WA stuff myself but i always end up with things not working and/or they are just somewhat too simple!
    And i just wanted to show what ive done with it :

    Also a bit late(like a week or so), but happy B-day!:D

    1. I love ur UI man ! how do u get those icon next to ur map ? and same for the top of ur screen ? it’s look like starcraft a bit is that a addon ?? ( sorry for my english : / )

      1. Hey m8, i guess that was adressed to me.
        But instead of using elvui( icant stand it:P)
        i use a heavily modified version of Lui v3 , i u can find it on wowinterface
        and around my map is just Bartender

        GL an ty:)

  2. Hey there!
    Thanks for the Awesome Aura’s!
    I only have one problem with them!
    I have 2 timers whenever a spell is on CD,any tips how to change that ?

    1. Hallo!
      Are one of the timers rather plain and stuck to an icon aura?
      If so, open up the group with that icon and select the icon aura. Go to the “Display” tab, in the upper section you’ll see a text field called just “Text” with the text %p or %s. Delete the text and leave a blank space and the extra timer should go away.

      1. Hey

        Thx for the response!
        I fixed it with the Cooldown checkbox.. somehow it didnt show up at first.
        After a game restart it did, so i unchecked them all.
        And problem solved!

        Thanks again

  3. Hello Ashleah! I really adore your work and I would like to know if you’re making a new Mistweaver theme UI for legion, and if you do would people be able to buy it separately? Hugs from denmark!

    1. The Patreon UI I’m working on right now is very Mistweavy so I’ll be using that on my main :) The deadline for it’s Patreon release is August 31st, but if you miss it it’ll be up on my Gumroad a month later!

      1. Hi! I’ve been considering subscribing to your Patreon as well. What tier would you recommend for this months Patreon UI?

        1. Well, I’d always recommend tier 5 as it’s there I put most of my love and work :D Tier 4 is also good if you’re more interested in a minimalist UI. But I’m gonna post a preview of all the rewards as soon as I can, which might help you to decide ^^

  4. Hello Ashlead i was look to ur video on youtube ! holy crap i love ur UI ! i main Monk heal too , and i would love to have the same UI as u do ! such clarity with all the CD and stuff , how can i do ?? i could pay for it ! :D

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