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T17 MythicSo I’ve finally updated my Transmogrification page and even renamed it to Transmog guide. It has been long overdue for a makeover for that page, and now I finally extended and updated it for Warlords of Draenor. What I’ve added is Monk sets, the Customized sets are the same from before, and I’ve also added all kinds of weapons and weapon enchants (both Draenor enchants and Illusions). Here are the links:

Transmog Guide
Monk Sets
Customized Sets
Weapon Enchants

I’m drinking Chai tea and ponder the future of transmog. Not only have Blizzard been thinking about redoing the transmog system to be easier (menus instead of Void Storage, as I’ve understood it), but I also read that they’re going in a different direction on the Tier 18 sets’ looks:

Now, honestly? I’ve not been super crazy about many of the Armor-sets since Wrath of the Lich King.
I’m really interested to see how people react to T18. To me it’s kind of a big change in direction. Our focus for quite a while has been to look at the bosses and materials of a raid environment, or iconic expansion imagery, and play off those. It’s going to be a big departure, where the artists are taking a step back and really looking at the classes themselves, and looking at more classical fantasy materials–as well as just pushing the detail and quality level. I think it’s kind of a cool new direction, even though it’s almost like going back to a more classic look.
(Source here)

This sounds like a really good new direction. I miss having my Monk actually looking like a monk instead of just having pieces of Tectus on my shoulders with a weird glaring eye in the middle. I’d rather have Blizzard experimenting with the classes’ identities and try to push that direction instead of putting pieces of the raid on them. Hopefully, that philosophy also extended to weapons so we can have some cool monk staves and swords. There is a lot to look forward and hopefully we’ll actually get to be excited for new sets instead of just transmogging them as soon as we get them.

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