The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 3.0

Before I start, I just want to say that I think mistweavers are turning out great for Battle for Azeroth. We have active Soothing Mist back which contributes to a much smoother 5-man rotation, we got new and interesting talents on our talent tree and we’ve become more well-rounded. Nonetheless, there are a few areas that need polishing, which is why I’ve written this post! Let’s go through them together.

Soothing Mist Discussion

Changes since we last discussed it:

  • Soothing Mist  – Each tick of SooM now has a chance to cause a Gust of Mist heal on the target.
  • Undocumented: Soothing Mist has reduced GCD to 1 sec.
  • Undocumented: Thunder Focus Tea is castable while channeling Soothing Mist.

I was going to start this post by appealing to Blizzard to implement a more WoD-style Soothing Mist, but they beat me to the punch. I logged into beta, and lo and behold! You can use Thunder Focus Tea without breaking the Soothing Mist channel AND Soothing Mist has reduced GCD to 1 sec instead of 1.5 sec. That had passed me by completely.

But the new rotation feel so smoooooth, and the added proc of Gust of Mist  was a welcome addition. It’s nice to see our mastery interact with Soothing Mist. I really hope that it has a higher proc chance on lower-health targets!

As I was testing the changes by healing dungeons, I noticed a serious issue though; Mana Tea is a major hassle to use, and here’s why.

Mana Tea: Arguments for Off-GCD

Mana Tea has been added to the list of abilities with GCD. While I knew this since before, and basically just shrugged it off, I noticed that it became super awkward when I tried it while healing dungeons. I didn’t think it would be bothersome, but it really was.

Mana Tea is used when you need to spam-heal to mitigate the super high mana cost. Basically, whenever shit goes down, pop Mana Tea so you don’t have to deplete your whole mana pool over one mistake. In majority of the cases, the spells you need to spam are Vivify and Enveloping Mist. But whenever I wanted to use the spell, the scenario looked something like this:

  • I’m in a dungeon, someone accidentally pulls a second pack of mobs/don’t execute a mechanic properly.
  • People take high damage and I’m already executing my standard rotation with Soothing Mist on the tank, but now I follow up with Enveloping Mist and Vivify.
  • want to use Mana Tea because I know I need to cast several Vivifys to save the group, BUT I don’t dare break the Soothing Mist channel because the tank/the group is taking an extremely amount of damage!
  • Breaking the channel to cast MT would take 1.5 sec GCD + another 1 sec GCD to reactivate Soothing Mist and start the actual heals. This I can’t do when the group/tank is in danger of dying.
  • When the immediate danger passes, I can finally pop Mana Tea. But then the need to cast several heals is already gone, my mana is depleted, and Mana Tea is redundant.

The above scenario happened several times. So, my main point is that Mana Tea is used reactively when unexpected danger happens and you need to spam-heal Vivify/EvM. Looking at the official Blizzard post about the GCD changes, they wanted to add GCD to abilities that are used proactively, a.k.a. planned. I wouldn’t put Mana Tea in this category, because in M+ you can’t plan when people are going to take high damage and you need to spam heal.

In raids, if there’s high, predictable damage incoming, that’s usually covered by the raid cooldowns (Revival, Darkness, Spirit Link, etc.). Mana Tea is reserved for the whenever unforeseen circumstances happen and you particularly need to spam Vivify or Enveloping Mist.

So, Mana Tea definitely needs to be off-GCD. I would even say that it needs to be usable without breaking Soothing Mist, just like Thunder Focus Tea. Because when you need Mana Tea the most, that’s when you’re the least likely to break the Soothing Mist cast.

Vivify and Renewing Mist Discussion

Changes since we last discussed it:

  • The cleave heal of Vivify now heals for 60% of spell power, up from 45%.
  • Thunder Focus Tea
    • Renewing Mist:
      • Does not trigger cooldown.  Duration increased by 10 sec.

The way Renewing Mist works right now on beta is that you have 1-2 active on average, if you cast it on cooldown, unless you use Thunder Focus Tea to extend the buff. Then you have about 2-3 on average, instead.

In the last feedback post, I argued strongly for being able to keep up at least 3 Renewing Mist on average as baseline. Since then, I’ve realized that maybe the developers are tuning Vivify around having only 1-2 active at any given point to preserve the old Vivify of direct heal + two cleave heals. I still think 3 should be the go-to number, and here’s why.

If I have 1-2 ReMs active, one would think that Vivify would give a spread of 2-3 targets (initial heal + 1-2 cleave heals). The thing is, in the majority of the cases, the one player that needs healing the most is usually the same player that has one the active Renewing Mists as well. This means that Vivify only has a spread of 1-2 players, which is bad, especially when 5+ players need healing. And sure, one can try to find another target to heal, presuming ReM doesn’t jump again to the same as your target. But due to our mastery heal, we really, really want to put Vivify on the same target that has lowest health. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to put our direct heals on people that is not as much danger, only to avoid healing our ReM-targets.

Now, the solution would be to use TFT to reach a 3-ReM spread. But this only works in ideal circumstances: you have had no distractions to consistently cast Renewing Mist exactly on cooldown; you haven’t been needing the TFT empowerment for anything else; you haven’t accidentally extended an already existing ReM by overwriting it (yeah, ReM still works like that on beta, despite promises of making it try to jump to a different target).

So, I still think 3 active ReMs should be baseline with a peak of 4-5 if empowered with TFT. That way, Vivify will have a good spread, and not to mention, our Renewing Mist healing won’t be gutted. ReM has been an outstanding heal in spread encounters (absolutely gold in fights like Avatar and Eonar). It would be a shame to loose that strength.

Dancing Mists is what I’m saying. Or stacks on the initial ReM buff that spreads out, just like old times.

Bug Report: Developers promised that casting ReM on a target that already has one active, the HoT should attempt to jump to another target. In my experience on beta, it still only extends the buff resulting in fewer amount of ReMs active.

Thunder Focus Tea Discussion

Changes since we last discussed it:

  • Thunder Focus Tea
    • Removed Essence Font: Castable while moving.
    • Enveloping Mist:
      • Instant cast and immediately heals for (130% of Spell power)Immediately heals for 250% of spell power.
    • Renewing Mist:
      • Does not trigger cooldown.  Duration increased by 10 sec.
    • NEW Rising Sun Kick:
      • Cooldown reduced by 9 sec.
  • Undocumented: Teachings of the Monastery no longer has 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick.

I saw the RSK addition to Thunder Focus Tea and was like “Yaaay!”. Then I logged into beta and realized we can no longer reset the RSK cooldown with Teachings of the Monastery and was like “Aowww”. But I appreciate the fact that the new talent Rising Mist definitely makes it more difficult to balance. If both Thunder Focus Tea and Teachings of the Monastery could reduce/reset the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick, Rising Mist could potentially become a little bit broken…

I just hope that our damage output is balanced around the loss of 15% chance to reset RSK, and let the TFT-empowerment of RSK serve as a boost to our damage output, rather than just getting back to “normal” damage output. I’m not a number cruncher so I can’t gauge where we are exactly on damage at the moment, but I hope that will be looked at.

EDIT: ToTM no longer resetting RSK is bug, according to the developers.

As for the new/changed Enveloping Mist empowerment: I’ve used it in dungeons and I can say that it has its uses. I wasn’t convinced at first, but after testing, OKAY, I can see myself using it in dungeons. In raids, it’s a different story however. I still have about 50-60% overhealing of EvM in raids (those effing Serenity heals and basically all the spells in the Paladins spell book) and I don’t see myself adding to the problem with a TFT-empowered Enveloping Mist.

If I’m going to predict my own Thunder Focus Tea choices in BFA, it would probably look something like this:

Dungeon Healing

  1. Renewing Mist by default;
  2. until I need emergency Enveloping Mist boost;
  3. RSK if I’m not otherwise occupied (I don’t see myself using Rising Mists in dungeons).

Raid Healing

  1. RSK if I use the Rising Mist talent, or on downtime, otherwise;
  2. Renewing Mist by default;
  3. until I go OoM and need the free Vivifys.

Seeing as I will likely use the Upwelling talent in raids, my main empowerment will still be Renewing Mist until, or if, I go OoM. I would really, really like to have another option for raid circumstances. And I really, really would like it to be Essence Font: 50-75% longer reach, or something like that.

A longer EF reach would be awesome for a one-shot boost to healing whenever the raid team has spread all the way to China. That really would fill the hole for the situations when the raid is too spread out, without being too overpowered because it only would work if you use the TFT empowerment on Essence Font. That would be ideal!

Anyway, I’ve really gone on for quite some time now, so I’ll end it here. For the next feedback, I really hope I’ve had a chance to raid test. I have some concerns regarding how Vivify works when using the Upwelling talent, but I don’t want to discuss any of it until I’ve actually tried it out myself.

Until then!

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4 thoughts on “The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 3.0”

  1. The 1-2, MAYBE 2-3, limit on ReM is such a tease right now. I mean I get if they’re trying to stick with the 3 target cleave heal that Vivify was for Legion, but the window where you actually have 2-3 targets with a ReM to benefit from that is ridiculously small. Also given the fact that the initial few targets would have been given that ReM ~16 seconds ago if used on cooldown. And A LOT can change in 16 seconds. I’d totally agree on adding Dancing Mists or giving ReM 2 stacks, so its burst reaction could be better suited than wasting, say, an EF cast when only 3-ish targets need it.

  2. Hi Ash!

    I dont have beta access to play the new mw :( but I was wondering:
    How hard is it to proc your mastery on several targets in beta?

    When a dungeon group goes really low on live i do:
    EF + Tft + rem + rem + effuse spam to trigger my double mastery on many targets.
    But that does not seem possible anymore now? Can you still get the group topped up from 10% fast?

    1. Hello!
      The mastery heal activates just like in Legion on beta, with Soothing Mist having a chance to proc it on each heal as well. Renewing Mist, Vivify and Enveloping Mist still triggers it like normal.

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