The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 2.0

Another pass has been made to Mistweavers and I still have a lot of feedback to give! So I’m just gonna softball this feedback post to the developers and hope I can contribute with some constructive discussion. I tried to be short and concise, but hah, I don’t have the talent for it.

The Feedback Part

After the last time I made a feedback post, we’ve had an upcoming update on Renewing Mist; it should now automatically jump if you try to overwrite it. Also, it seems that the developers heard us on the Thunder Focus Tea feedback as well:

Original Post, May 2 2018
Quick note – the TFT-Enveloping buff has a new instant heal component added on beta, which you still benefit from if you TFT-Enveloping during Soothing Mist. While this loses part of the value of the buff, it’s still a reasonable option to provide for when an instant heal seems important.

All that said, one concern with the current setup on beta is that TFT-Renewing might dominate the other uses of TFT too often. Some of the exact bonuses it provides may have to be adjusted once everything else settles.

Originally posted by Sigma.

Which means this is the perfect time to discuss that spell too. I’ll get to it, but first I have a few things I want to discuss on Renewing Mist.

Renewing Mist

The upcoming change to Renewing Mist is great (I’m still happy-crying about it), but there is still one issue left, I’d say. Currently, the only way to reliably have about three active Renewing Mists is to use Thunder Focus Tea. As TFT is now, we will basically only use it for ReM, which undercuts the idea of TFT as a situation-based, strategical cooldown.

It is possible to somehow make the other empowerments competitive, but then without TFT-ReM we’d only have about 1-2 active at any given point. If we cast ReM meticulously on cooldown, we’d have 2-3 active. But since we occasionally become preoccupied with other mechanics, I’d say 1-2 is probably more likelier.

My opinion is that it should be baseline to reliably be able to keep up 3 active ReMs without TFT, either by adding stacks to the spell or the buff, or make the spell proc or something. The exact mechanism of how that works isn’t important; what is important is that mistweavers should be able to keep up an appropriate number of ReMs for Vivify without loosing hair due to stress.

Because on beta right now, it is stressful to keep up ReM on enough targets. Something grabs your attention, and suddenly you’re behind on active ReMs and Vivify works much less efficiently. And I say that as a veteran mistweaver, so I could only imagine that less experienced mistweavers might find that even more aggravating.

The best solution is the TFT-ReM empowerment is removed and we get something baseline to help us keep up enough ReMs (something along the lines with 3 on average, maybe with a spike up to 5). That way TFT can also be more easy to balance. Which segues me into this:

Thunder Focus Tea

I discussed TFT on the last feedback post, but it’s such a mess right now I still need to lob some of my thoughts on it. I missed to comment on the new changes as well, so let me just go through them.

Enveloping Mist Empowerment
Right, so the new thing is that not only is EvM instant cast, but it also does a extra instant heal when empowered. To me, this empowerment is not very elegant. I mean, it works; I can use it as an emergency heal on the move for example.

My two issues with this however are 1) it feels a bit clunky with an extra heal when Enveloping Mist is already suffering from chronic overhealing (looking at logs for both M+ and raiding, it averages about 40-60% overhealing) and 2) the instant aspect feels unnecessary when I’m one GCD away from an instant EvM anyway. If I’m on the move, I usually stutter heal, so it feels a bit superfluous.

I have a few other ideas for empowerments I like better, which I’ve listed in the ‘Suggestions Parts’ below.

Essence Font Empowerment

Being able to cast Essence Font twice as fast has never really felt like a compelling option. EF is already a very fast spell and one can use it on the move, so it doesn’t feel very pressing to use it faster.

I’ve looked at using it in tandem with the Upwelling talent, which is essentially a double-EF cast. And sure, it cuts down the cast time from 6 sec to 3 sec, before haste. So, I win about 2-3 seconds with the TFT empowerment, which doesn’t exactly feel alluring.

In some ways, it’s better to have a long cast on EF, because it gives you the advantage to move between groups and force-spread the HoT around. This has actually been a mistweaver minigame I’ve occupied myself with in Legion. I got weakaura that shouts GODLIKE!! when I get an 18-spread, in true Unreal Tournament style.

Vivify Empowerment

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like this empowerment, never had. It’s very useful to mitigate any mana problems, but I feel like I’ve already failed if I run into mana problems (I always do it at some point, but I work very hard not to). So, it’s a bit like a bitter medicine to use this empowerment. I get why I need it, and that it probably should stay, I just don’t like it (grumble, grumble).

The Suggestions Part

It’s obvious that Thunder Focus Tea needs to be looked over, so I would gladly like to contribute with some ideas for new empowerments! Maybe I can get those creative juices going.

The following suggestions hinges on that the current TFT-ReM empowerment has been removed, and ReM can easily be kept at three+ active HoTs baseline

  • Ideas for Renewing Mist Empowerments
    • The next ReM has extended duration.
    • The next ReM also applies a small absorb on the initial target.
  • Ideas for Essence Font Empowerments
    • The overhealing of the next EF cast will be redistributed (a bit like Velen’s Future Sight).
    • Instant EF explosion– to ensure a perfect 18 HoT spread.
    • Longer reach!
  • Ideas for Enveloping Mist Empowerments
    • Also applies a small damage reduction.
  • Ideas for Soothing Mist Empowerments
    • Channeling while running?
    • Maybe something along the lines with the old t17 set-bonus Mistweaving.
  • Ideas for Rising Sun Kick Empowerments
    • MOAR damage – puh-lease! I’ve been wanting this since forever.
      • Perfect for world content!
      • and for downtime!
      • and for when the raid leader screams “HEALERS PUSH DAMAGE GODAMMIT”!!

A Small Besides-the-Point Wish

It would be really, really, really awesome if the developers could add the animation from the old Breath of the Serpent talent somewhere. I don’t care where or how, just somewhere! It. is. so. cool! I never got to use that talent because it competed with the godlike yet boring Pool of Mists talent. But it would be awesome if we could recycle the animation somewhere, maybe directly from the mistweaver á la Breath of Fire-style? Pretty please?

Sooooo coooooool

Thank you for reading! Until next time~

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7 thoughts on “The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 2.0”

  1. while the TFT+enVm buff is nice (the frontload heal, probably implemented for M+ purposes since we lack insta hard hitting frontload heals)

    I always thought that TFT EnVm should make overhealing from the EnvM itself (not the 30/40 increase) become an absorb. This would help mitigate the gross overhealing it does *BUT* also turn TFT+EnvM into a sort of 45s external. Meaning if the tank is gonna take a massive hit in a second or two because they took an extra stack, tft+envm precast on them where it ticks 2-3 times before the hit comes through wouldn’t be wasted, but actually provide value by being a smallish shield, which gets obliterated on the hit then the normal healing from the rest of the EnVm comes through. This would make for both a external thats useful for M+, but also could potentially cause tft+evm to compete with TFT+ReM.

    Also yes, Pool of mists needs to be baseline. If not full 3 charges, then maybe 2 charges but with like a 2s reduction in CD so we could have more reliable rem coverage. that would be a pita for muscle memory since the 8s cd is ingrained in every mistweavers brain to press the button every 8s, but still, it would improve coverage.

    Alternatively, tft+EF I always thought should have been what’s mana was reduced, not vivify. if tft+ef reduced mana cost by 50% (since free would be.. well probably TOO strong) then that would also compete with rem for tft usage because that’s a big chunk of mana removed from the cost of the spell.

    Also statue should be baseline again. period. I dont even particularly like the statue or think it’s *that* useful, but it is integral to MW identity. If it’s put back to baseline, then that opens up both an additional talent to be implemented, as well as a PERFECT excuse to make the statue spew out breath of the serpent *when* you use TFT (instead of right now the MW themselves doing it via TFT puke).

    these above things cover (IMO) almost all of the issues I can potentially see improved upon from live, as well as maaaybe getting back the .5s initial GCD on SooM since it’s gonna be active again, as far as i can tell it IS reduced in bfa, but i want to say its at 1.0 rather than 1.5, depending on how it feels once MW’s get geared up for M raiding, if it is too slow for emergency reaction instas of vivify/enveloping, then it might need to be lowered.

    1. Good point about SooM, it should have a shorter GCD like the old active version of it! And agreed, there’s loads of good way to fix TFT, I just hope they really do something about it. Not so sure about the statue though, I like being a strong independent mistweaver xD

      1. Come to think of it, the only scenario where I would want the statue as baseline again would be if it came alive and followed me around, so I wouldn’t have to re-position it all the time. Would make for a much better side-kick ^^

          1. The issue with this being baseline would be it being too strong. Would be pretty sweet though. Maybe as a compromise make it a mini cd with 1.5 min cd? Having a mushu esque cd would be sick.

  2. I remember using the Breath of the Serpent spell just because it looked cool sometimes, I am on board with them returning that spell to us somehow, through talents or baseline somehow either way would be neat. A damage buff from TFT to RSK would be so friggin cool. A monk can dream.

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