The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 1.0

I have been on the alpha (build 26476) and tried the new mistweaver changes. I hope I’m catching the blizzard developers in one of their class-changing cycles right now, because there’s a lot of feedback I want to give – both good and bad! Here’s hoping that a developer sees this. I’ve tried to be clear and succinct in my feedback, but I’m still me so it’s longer than I planned. Oh, well!

General Impression

Overall, I’m positive about the changes and I think we’re going in the right direction for Mistweavers. So far, I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to raid heal on the alpha, but I’ve done plenty of dungeon healing, so my focus will probably be skewed in that direction in this post. I will go through both positive changes and some of the things I want improved.

Changes I Love

  • Effuse gone – bye! You won’t be missed!
    • Effuse was never a spell that felt good to cast when Vivify could to the same thing including cleave heal (which was basically always needed).
    • Effuse +Sheilun’s Gift  could have been a good combo with the artifact traits (Effusive Mists + Whispers of Shaohao) but it always felt that it drained too much mana/wasn’t at the right amount of stacks when you needed it/the clouds were way off from where the group was, at which point you might as well cast Vivify anyway. Both easier and better.
  • Soothing Mist taking the place of Effuse – thank yu’lon!
    • There were never any good time to channel the old Soothing Mist. A good  mistweaver was always using the damage abilities when not healing. Not to mention, talent combos like Refreshing Jade Wind and Rising Thunder/Spirit of the Crane made you completely GCD capped. “Soothing Mist? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
    • The new Soothing Mist (or should I say ‘old’?) feels much smoother to use, and making both Enveloping Mist and Vivify instant when channeling is super great.
  • Vivify: changed to heal primary targets + those with Renewing Mist active.
    • This is an interesting change. I definitely think it raises the skill cap on mistweavers compared to the old version. Of course, the old version might have been a little too… easy to use? smart? The new changes means that it’s still a smart heal of course (since Renewing Mist is jumping around to players who actually need it), but it requires some preparation and if done well, it could be really powerful.
    • It does raises some concerns about Renewing Mist, which I have listed in ‘Things I Want Improved’ below.
    • I’m very, very, very thankful that Vivify keeps its place as a cleave-heal, a.k.a. most effective at between 2-5 targets, as opposed to being a contender to the aoe heal of Essence Font. I was a bit worried that it could be better than EF if you somehow managed to have 6 or more ReMs out but then I noticed a) after some calculations, it seems that Essence Font has better HPM at 6 targets and above and b) it seems improbable that we’d even get 6+ ReMs out without our artifact traits. A non-issue, in other words!

Things I Want Improved

  • Renewing Mist sniping itself.
    • This problem is not new. Basically, what is happens is that when you choose to cast ReM on a player, another ReM jumps to that exact player the second before you cast it, resulting in that you overwrite your own HoT. This happens very, very often.
    • It hasn’t been much of a problem in Legion, because we’ve had Dancing Mists and Mists of Life to cover our losses. Not to mention Extended Healing to help us out!
    • In BFA, this is a major problem though. Without those trait, you might be in a situation when you accidentally overwrite the HoT and suddenly Vivify is a lot less effective. It’s the sort of scenario in Legion where you went “oh yikes”, but in BFA you go “NOOOOOOOOOO!”.
    • There needs to be some sort of built-in mechanic for Renewing Mist to either a) prevent this situation from happening (either through stacks, or that the HoT deflects to another player) or b) something that can help us cover our losses (like Dancing Mists).
  • Thunder Focus Tea has been patched with scotch tape, but needs a rework.
    • Due to reworks on our main spells, the empowerments of TFT had to go through some rough changes.
    • Essence Font became castable while moving as baseline, which meant that the empowerment had to change to 100% faster channel time. It’s not a good empowerment, to put it mildly.
    • Enveloping Mist as an instant cast had its uses in Legion, but I don’t see myself using it in BFA when I probably will be channeling Soothing Mist anyway, making the empowerment redundant.
    • Vivify’s empowerment was okay, but looking back at my own behaviour in Legion, I basically only used it when I went OoM.
    • The empowerment to Renewing Mist is so good, it basically knocks out all the other choices from the ball park.
    • What I’m saying is: as Thunder Focus Tea is now, I will basically use it for Renewing Mist, only Renewing Mist, and nothing else but Renewing Mist. It’s a shame, since TFT would otherwise be a very fun and engaging spell to use if the other empowerments were competitive (hint, hint).

Speaking of Talents

  • Being able to double down on defensives (Diffuse Magic+Dampen Harm) or movement (Chi Torpedo/Celerity+Tiger’s Lust).
    • Or should I say triple down, since we already have Fortifying Brew and Roll baseline?
    • I don’t see myself going double movement/double defensive very often. It’s a little bit over the top to have three spells of the same type; I’d say it’s better to have an even spread (as in, two of each option).
    • Diffuse Magic + Tiger’s Lust seems to be a combo I’m gonna pick often. Unless there’s a lot of damage going out and movement isn’t a priority, I’d might pick the double-defensive (I would call that talent combo ‘Way of the Turtle’).
    • Besides, Chi Torpedo is a hazard to use in raids. I can’t tell how many times I’ve misjudged its reach and ended up in a patch of fire/goo/bad.
    • I can imagine picking double movement while world questing, otherwise I think mistweavers are rather mobile as they are and not really in need of more movement increases.
  • New talent: Essence Well
    • Color me intrigued.
    • I haven’t had time to test this in a raid scenario, so my opinions are more in the hypothetical realm.
    • Right off the bat, I think it looks like a promising talent for the right kind of encounter.
    • What does concern me is that it seems implied that you should use ReM+Vivify in the downtime between EF; without Focused Thunder or the Rising Mist talents to keep up our Renewing Mists, I think it will be difficult when ReM snipes itself. Keeping up enough ReMs could be really troublesome if you accidentally keep overwriting existing HoTs (I swear, those ReMs are mind-readers and always jumps to target I’m about to cast on!).
  • New talent: Rising Mists
    • This I have tried in dungeons!
    • I think it’s great that there is a fistweaving talent option for those times you’re able to fistweave.
    • Seems great for raiding (with a full-blown Essence Font active), but the heal might be a little weak for 5-man. The heal barely makes the unit frames move, so I’d guess the only benefit would be to extend existing ReMs or Enveloping Mists (not bad, per se, but I think I’d rather go for Focused Thunder then).

These are my impressions so far, and I’ll keep up with the feedback as changes keep rolling in.

Until next time!

Battle for Azeroth – Mistweaver Feedback 

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11 thoughts on “The Big Mistweaver Feedback Post 1.0”

  1. Very interesting Changes so far !

    I am leveling a Mistweaver as we speak, cannot wait to ding 110 :P

  2. Just a comment about Renewing mist.
    -Renewing does not exactly overwrite, it extends the duration to its max limit which is 29s (if I remember correctly) so the lost of the extended healing in reality lessen the problem.

    This problem is much bigger in dungeon than raids as the probability to overwrite is much smaller in raid due to obviously larger party member. Alpha focus mainly in dungeon so the problem looks bigger than it really is.

    There are two solutions here:
    -Use Renewing mist on a target at full HP. Of course you lose the Gust of the mist single target component but you almost never gonna lose a Renewing mist.
    -Use Renewing mist on a target affected by a renewing mist which is about to fade. This is a loss for vivify in the short term but beneficial in the long term.

    Concerning Thunder focus tea as it stands the renewing mist option is just too powerful regarding the new vivify mechanic. I hope that the other options will balanced around it, but if changes are about to come ReM+TFT will probably replaced by something like a 30s long dancing mist buff.

    1. Re: Renewing Mist
      I’d forgotten about the extended duration on ReM, that’s a fair point. However, with the new Vivify mechanic in BFA, I’d still like to have more renewing mists rather than longer ones. And you’re right that the problem is not as big in raids, but there’s still the situations when only a few people are below full HP, and then you basically compete with your active renewing mist for the few viable people to cast it on.

      But yes, there are workarounds the problem, but it would be gold if the developers could find a more elegant solution to the problem. It feels particularly apropos now when Vivify relies on the amount of Renewing Mists active.

      Re: Thunder Focus Tea
      Agreed, it really would be preferable if the options are somewhat balanced. It’s a bit dismal to have a spell that is supposed to give you choice, but you feel compelled to use only one option. I really hope they look into it!

      Anyway, thanks for the comment :)

      1. I LOVE that this ReM+Vivify combo is harking back to old school MW where we’d blanket the raid with ReM and start casting Uplift. I’ve played this game since mid-Vanilla and that was the most fun I’d had playing a spec. I do agree that the ReM sniping needs to be fixed or else it clashes with the Vivify combo but it does sound like they’re aware of it; blue tracker made a post about it:

        “Any details on ReM overwriting itself would be good. It should not be trying to jump unless there is an injured target that doesn’t already have your Renewing Mist on them.”

        There has also only been 2 datamined Azerite traits for MW, only Vivify and EM so far, so hopefully there will be one related to ReM to further enhance getting more out.

    1. Well, being able to cast all of our core spells on the move would be ridiculously overpowered xD Personally, I think I prefer being able to cast Essence Font on the move rather than Soothing Mist. And I’d still only be one GCD away from instantly casting my other spells, so I’m not very bothered.

  3. Mastery: The Mastery we had in Legion is really boring , a double heal , nothing more. Mastery in MoP was more visual , i liked the green bubbles. Mastery with simple empowerments are really boring. The old mastery was an never ending soul well on demand :) Move over it and get healed

    1. I agree it was more visually appealing but it caused a lot of headache in practice. Similar to the priests lightwell spell, getting people to use your orbs was always difficult and in many raid scenarios the orbs spawned on the ground only to be covered up by an aoe effect or the boss forces the raid to reposition, making balancing their healing difficult. If you want them to auto heal and be able to heal within a range after a set duration(which is how they ended up working) you have to lower their overall power since they are free and if they were too strong MW healing would be overpowered. If you make their healing high but not auto heal ever, they may never see any use. This creates a management efficiency issue, which has been a prevalent MW problem. Tying our mastery to direct spells instead of random healing orbs is just an overall easier way to balance out the class.

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