Teahouse Final Landing and Updates

June is over and I’m home from my latest and last trip. In July, I’m gonna go full cave woman and you’ll have to ply me with a crowbar to get me out of my chair now. I’m here, and I’m gonna be here for a while. So now, let me update you on all that has been going on while I’ve been away!

Mistweaver Updates

Build 26926 (June 26)

Build 26936 (June 27)

  • Chi Burst now deals damage equal to 46% of attack power, down from 65.52%.

Mistweavers are rather strong on beta, and as you can see, we go through quite a lot of back and forth when it comes to tuning. I haven’t had time to touch beta particularly during this time, due to all the travelling, so I don’t know too much about the feel of the spec, other than being able to say (after a couple of dungeons) that  the Renewing Mist change was absolutely fantastic. Huzzah for that!

Anyway, this month I’m gonna spend at home (if I get what I want), so the updates and news on the blog will be more frequent. I’m juggling a lot of things at the same time; blogging, guide writing, patreon work, mage tower challenges, etc. But at least I’ll have the time for it now!

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