Renewing Mist Update and Tea Talk

There has been some official follow-up on the issue of Renewing Mist by the developers. Namely, a fix for the very common problem of overwriting them little buggers. I am currently drinking herbal mint tea in celebration and am in the mood for some tea talk.

Official Post, 26-04-2018

Thanks for all the followup on Renewing Mist. In an upcoming beta build, we’re likely going to try having Renewing Mist automatically try to jump, if you cast a new one that would overwrite it.

Originally posted by Sigma.

Why thank you, oh glorious Sigma. Now we can stop competing with our active Renewing Mists for competitive targets, and not to mention, being able to shamelessly cast it on players who actually need our mastery heal as well! I love the smell of victory in the morning.

While I still think mistweavers could use some polish on beta, that was really my biggest issue and I’m incredibly happy that they are planning to fix it. Now I can finally relax and nag about smaller details. As it should be!

In other besides-the-point news, I am currently still working on the Shaman UI (this one looks great, but it takes forever to make), writing my dungeon guides, re-levelling my beta characters and my guild is reclearing Antorus each week. Except not this weekend, because it’s Valborg which is basically nordic St Patrick’s day but we set shit on fire as well. True nordic spirit, in other words! Raiding has to wait.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next beta build to see what the developers are up to. Seriously, beta is like Christmas for me and I don’t know why. It’s just fun, okay?

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