Patch 7.2 Roundup on Mistweavers

A lot of changes for Mistweavers has been filtered through the PTR notes, but in bits and pieces. I try to summarize some of the latest changes and news regarding everything Mistweaver in this post. Take a look at what’s in store for patch 7.2 for Mistweaver Monks!

Mistweaver Changes

Blue Posts

On the removal of Mistwalk:

This was a primarily PvP-focused change. It wasn’t getting much use in PvE (and when it was, that was almost always the wrong choice), and it was giving Mistweavers far too much mobility in PvP, especially in RBGs where it was highly problematic.

We’re obviously aware that this change has balance implications, and are prepared to make any additional changes necessary for Mistweaver PvP performance.

Original Post, by Lore

On Mistweaver raiding:

Much like the Disc post in the other thread, Mistweaver is more in a state of thinking ahead for possible refinements, but no immediate shake-ups. This is preliminary, but a possible direction is that some things could be smoothed out by reducing the emphasis on Essence Font. That could help with, for example, drawing out more of a regular ongoing decision between Enveloping Mist, Vivify, and Effuse, rather than having that so often pushed out by Essence Font. Also, making the value of mastery more stable, and reducing the importance of churning as much mana into Essence Fonts as possible. For fair warning, a cooldown on EF is not out of the question after seeing how it’s played out, but that would come alongside seeing how other heals might have to be strengthened.

Rising Thunder has wound up underperforming which we would likely look at at the same time. It would likely be helped regardless by changes that made it easier to spend mana and GCDs on Rising Sun Kick, without always taking away from something like an Essence Font.

Original Post, by Sigma

Legendary Changes

  • Collidus the Warp-Watcher’s Gaze now increases the absorption of Life Cocoon by 3%, stacking up to 50 times.
    • Was previously 1% and 100 stacks.
  • Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas has been redesigned to buff Uplifting Trance. Uplifting Trance now increases the healing of Vivify by an additional 20% and causes it to heal one additional target.
    • Previously, Rising Sun Kick increased the duration of your HoTs of your target’s target (often a tank) by 5 sec.
  • Ovyd’s Winter Wrap now allows Enveloping Mist’s tick healing to have a 50% chance to spread the healing bonus to a nearby injured ally.
    • Was previously only activated when Enveloping Mist was overhealing and the healing bonus spread to two nearby allies.

Ban-Lu, Mount with a Voice

Ban-Lu will only come in one color variation, but on the other hand he can talk! Yes, we will get a very wise tiger that tells us to lay off the mana buns, because goddamit that fluff can’t all be fur.

Monk Tier 20 – Xuen’s Battlegear

Click to embiggen

Mistweaver 2-set bonus – Your healing spell casts have a 10% chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%.
Mistweaver 4-set bonus – Consuming Surge of Mists resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea.

Monk PvP Season 2 – Cruel Gladiator’s Ironskin

Click to embiggen

The next season of PvP will coincide with patch 7.2 and the prestige cap will be increased from Prestige 9 to Prestige 13.

Patch 7.2 does hold some interesting changes and I really look forward to the new content. Although the removal of Mistwalk still stings (I understand why they removed it, but the fun factor in PvP lessened in any case), I’m very curious to how they’re going to approach raid healing for Mistweavers. A blue post suggested that they’re experimenting to how Mistweaver’s raid healing could change, and that a cooldown on Essence Font is not impossible.

Personally, I prefer rotations that include a variety of spells rather than one-trick ponies. If they want to balance towards that instead of capitalizing on Essence Font, I’m all for it. As long as the spells are balanced around that new rotation and Mistweavers are viable in a raid setting.

MMO Champion reported that Vivify will be capped at 4 targets instead of 3 (p o t e n t i a l l y), though I have yet to see that in Wowhead’s datamining. This could be one of the changes they’re experimenting with. We shall have to wait and see how they will continue with the changes.

On an entirely different note – Tier 20 and Legion PvP Season 2 set look really awesome! I particularly like the Elite set, but to get it I need 2000+ rating in RBGs or rated Arenas. So… we’ll see how that goes.

The Tier 20 version look awesome as well, apart maybe from the LFR version. The set bonuses are very interesting too, particularly now that it seems we’ll be moving away from the Essence Font spam and work more with Vivify and Enveloping Mist. I’m all abuzz on how mistweaving is developing in Patch 7.2!

11 thoughts on “Patch 7.2 Roundup on Mistweavers”

  1. From what I’ve been reading, sounds like the Vivify cap is primarily for the legendaries that add an additional target rather than baseline. Would take the latter in a heartbeat though if it was the case!

  2. From wowhead:
    Vivify: Causes a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for (275% of Spell power).
    Max targets 3 – Default

    Vivify: Causes a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for (275% of Spell power).
    Max targets 4 – Default

    It seems that this increase in the max targets number is aim for the revamp of the leg boots

  3. I hope these changes are enough too keep Mistweavers going. I’m seeing lots of re rolls to Shaman and Druid.

    The Xuen inspired tier set gives me hope that we will see a Yu’lon and Chi-JI inspired tier set soon!

  4. God, I just wish they’d take Mistweavers back to how they played in WoD. Better yet, go back to WoD MW, but remove stances. Hybrid MoP and WoD mistweaver and I’ll be happy.

    …Let me keep a lot of the cool traits though. I love sneezing on people with TFT and seeing Yu’lon appear :P

    Also, blizz,… why would you give us sets that are vaguely shado-pan (LOOK AT THE BELT NSFDGKSD) but no shado-pan coloration? C’mon blizz!

  5. Yeah, I’m now hopefully for mistweavers in 7.2! Haven’t been enjoying playing mine in raids but I have had so much fun in mythic+ (even though I’ve yet to get a legendary yet since I apparently have the worst luck on those ;__;)

    Random thought: I’d personally love a ability like cloud serpent that Lili uses in Heroes of the Storm, even if its just an aesthetic touch. Or have a little dancing Yu’lon effect appearing over a target(s) when using Reawaken. :)

  6. Hey Ashleah, this is a great post! But I’ve been away from WoW for a while, and used to use your ElvUI profile SerpentJade. When I left WoW for a bit, I uninstalled all my addons to save space, so with it the SerpentJade code was lost. When I returned to find the code again, it wasn’t there on the ElvUI profile page.

    If you still have it, is it possible I could have the SerpentJade code? Thank you in advance, whatever you decide to do!

  7. Do you have any idea how much % u need at them stats?
    Haste, – mastery, – crit and so on?
    Because I can’t find any

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