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I’m stuck in PvP swamp. Which is incredibly fun as a Mistweaver! I’ve set my eyes on high prestige levels to get all the artifact looks and mounts, which resulted in a lot of battleground popping. Since there is very little out there about PvP, I thought I’d write down the little knowledge I have (hence the ‘Basic’ in the name). Hopefully, it’ll help you get started!

Mistweaver Guide > Basic PvP Mistweaving

Admittedly, there are tremendously many great Mistweavers out there that are so much better at me at PvP. However, not much knowledge is written down to easy-to-read guides. For the ones that just need a basic overview, this guide is a great start!

On a completely different note, while I’m not banging my head against the Alliance, I’m working on a secret project for the blog. It’s due for some more updates! I think you’ll like it, but it needs more work before it’s done. *wink wink*

Off to work and then some Mythic progression (the Botanist is going doooown)!

2 thoughts on “New PvP Page!”

  1. I’d like to say two things, one is that fortune turned is usually played in arena, especially in combination with AMA, so you can get massive healing boosts by just spamming effuse through AMA, especially powerful combined with TFT!

    The other thing is that defender of the weak is also often a viable talent, specifically when you expect to be trained(So no vim and vigor) but the enemy team doesn’t have a lot of interrupts.(Think for example against Boomie/DH, only the DH can interrupt you but it’s very easy to fake a single DH.)

    Overall though, great guide! And I’m sure it’ll help a lot of poor new Mistweavers in need of a good resource to step into the arena.

    1. Yeah I noticed that Fortune Turned was better back when it was Skirmish weekend, but I completely forgot to change it! Thanks for the heads up ^^

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