New Beta Build – Renewing Mist Stacks

With the world’s shakiest internet connection, high up in the mountains, I’m writing to you between all the puppy walks, puppy playtimes and puppy-please-stop-biting-mes. A new beta build launched this night and we finally got the long-awaited change to Renewing Mist!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Renewing Mist
    • Uplifting Trance Removed
    • Renewing Mist now has 2 charges (Rank 2, learnt at level 42).
  • Vivify
    • The direct heal now heals for 120% of spell power, up from 105%.
    • The cleave heal on Renewing Mist targets now heals for 80% of spell power, up from 70%.

The Uplifting Trance part (4% chance to increase the healing of your next Vivify by 40%) of Renewing Mist has been removed. In exchange, we get 2 charges of Renewing Mist and a buff to Vivify instead. A happy trade, I’d say! I’m wishing I was back home to test the changes on beta, but I’m gonna be on puppy duty for a while longer.

Whatever you do Blizzard, don’t launch the pre-patch until I’m home. Just don’t!

Speaking of the pre-patch!

Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch 8.0 Soon™

  • Features
    • Pre-Launch Scenarios: Battle for Lordaeron and the Burning of Teldrassil.
    • Class changes!
    • Artifacts will be depowered.
    • Master Loot will be replaced with Personal Loot.
    • Stat Squish (?)

I’m a little unsure if Mage Tower will be removed in the pre-patch or at launch, but either way, you should hurry-scurry and get the pretty ones at least!

And as with every pre-patch, before the launch of every new expansion, it will be completely chaotic balance-wise. Since everything is tuned for max level at the new expansion, our classes will probably be super wonky before then. Add on top of that chaos cake, there’s the stat squish that will likely launch at the same time. So here’s a friendly reminder:


Soon™ the Pre-Patch will launch, likely together with the upcoming stat squish. Side effects may include, but not are not limited to:

  • Unbalanced Classes
  • Wonky Boss Fights
  • Unrelenting Trade Chat Screeching
  • Explosive Forum Diarrhea

Please prepare yourself with the largest cup of Zen tea you have available, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Pre-patches are historically the largest shit shows you can ever witness. The worst one I remember was the pre-patch to Warlords of Draenor when they first introduced Mythic difficulty. Holy crap on toast, that was the biggest outrage I’ve ever seen. The class balance was completely out of whack, but what do you know, it was a thousand times better when the expansion launched and you got to max level. Everyone just need to cool their engines.

Remember that all the class changes and all of that stuff is tuned around our characters being max levelled, with the Heart of Azeroth, and having several azerite traits to boot. What you experience in the pre-patch is not equal to having all that. Just saying.

It does however give us an opportunity to test out the new spell changes and talents. I. am. thrilled. to. bits. to try out the new changes! My raid testing has been rather limited on beta, so I really only have a cursory look of the new mistweaver raid healing. But to sum it up very briefly: there are two playstyles of mistweavers. There’s the traditional mistweaving-style with the talent Upwelling, then the fast-paced fistweaving-style with the talent Rising Mist. I tried both while raid testing and here’s my initial reaction:

  • Upwelling: Traditional Mistweaving
    • How it works: The talent allows Essence Font to increase the duration of the next cast up to a maximum of 6 sec, up from the baseline 3 sec (before haste). As long as the spell is off cooldown, its duration ticks up every second by the decimals. Every 6 sec, you’ve gained an extra second on the next cast. That means it takes 18 sec to get it fully charged (but you can of course use it earlier than that and get a partially charged EF).
    • While you wait for Essence Font to charge, you concentrate on your Vivify-game, making sure that Renewing Mist is cast on cooldown.
    • I enjoyed using this talent very much, it wasn’t super fast paced, but the Essence Font cast became so powerful and important that I felt like a chess player, biding my time to find the best opportunity to use it.
    • The longer cast felt very weird at first, but it’s so useful to have a longer cast on Essence Font. You should really take advantage of it!
      • The longer duration allows you to move between players and really spread it out. Even on raid team of 30 players, everyone got it!
      • It better lines up with pulsating damage. Instead of just healing on the first pulse, it continued healing as the periodic damage hits the raid, making it really efficient.
    • Overall a good talent, and I prefered comboing it with Mana Tea or Lifecycles over Spirit of the Crane. My running around to spread Essence Font all over the place and then casting Soothing Mist for instant Vivifys left little time for my damage rotation.
    • By the way, instant Vivify while channeling Soothing Mist FELT SO GOOD.
  • Rising Mist: Fistweaving Style
    • How it works: When you cast Rising Sun Kick, every player with either Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist or Essence Font buff gets healed by 15% of your spell power. In addition, it prolongs those HoTs by 2 sec.
    • This talent isn’t poweful because of its heal (it’s a rather small heal), but because it prolongs the HoTs. With RSK procs on Teachings of Monastery you can potentially prolong them for quite substaintially. What’s more, with the new Thunder Focus Tea empowerment on RSK, you can do it very reliably, like after casting Essence Font for example.
    • It’s very fast paced, and very fun!
    • I imagine that this talent has a very high skill roof. Getting out as many HoTs as possible and line it up with the Thunder Focus Tea empowerment required quite a bit of skill, although not unbearably so.
    • Thunder Focus Tea became a really, really powerful cooldown with this talent.
    • Spirit of the Crane will probably be the most popular talent to combo with, but I can also imagine Lifecycles being good. It allows for far more Enveloping Mist casts, and 2 sec on EvM is quite powerful. But it might overheal a bit too much in some encounters.
    • Fistweaving works great in all fights but those that force you out of melee range (most typically, you get a debuff that needs be dropped off far away from the raid). Upwelling will probably be better in those situations.

When I tested the talents on beta, Teachings of the Monastery was bugged so it didn’t reset RSK. I also didn’t have 2 charges of Renewing Mist! Finally being able to do some proper testing with all the bugs ironed out will likely make the rotation feel even better.

Well, that’s it for me now. I’m writing the patch 8.0 guides while the puppy is sleeping, so unless Blizzard doesn’t bamboozle us with the pre-patch within the next few days, I’ll likely have them finished by then.

And don’t forget to tune in on the BfA Developer Q&A tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “New Beta Build – Renewing Mist Stacks”

  1. Great clear and precise information as always. Enjoy your time in the mountains with your family and the puppy its the last chance of peace b4 the launch lol

      1. Ashleah, your guide is always well done! Thank you for the updates. Was wondering if you do videos for mistweaver. Showing off ui and also how to correctly use abilities to upmost power

  2. Hi I’m new visitor to this site and didn’t know where I could post a general question: I was wondering if you have compared the DPS between the healing classes (in BFA). i.e. Resto Druid with Balance Affinity, Holy Paladin with Avenging Crusader, Disc Priest (they have a whole toolkit), and Resto Shaman (I don’t know much about them).

    Where would you say Fistweaving lies in rank? I am more interested in using Healing/DPS for PVP (fun), but maybe PVE numbers could help my decision as well. Thanks.

    1. Hello!
      I haven’t really touched any other class than Mistweaver on beta, so I can’t compare. All I know is that fistweaving is viable and fun for MWs, so go for it if that’s your prefered healing-style :)

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