New Beta Build – Azerite Traits Changes and Additions

Another beta build has arrived, though there aren’t many mistweaver changes in this one. Instead, we get a sniff of upcoming Azerite Traits that will basically replace tier set bonuses. I suspect we’ve only seen the beginning of Azerite traits so far, and there are likely many more to come. But here’s a preview!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Life Cocoon now absorbs [(((Spell power * 12.6) + 0)) * (1 + Versatility)], up from * 9.
  • Mistweaver Monk passive has been boosted by 40%.
  • Chrysalis (Honor Talent) now reduced the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 30 sec, down from 90 sec.

Monk Azerite Traits

We still don’t know which Azerite traits will be available on the Uldir loot yet. Looking at Tunic of the Sanguine Deity (dropped by G’huun) for example, it still hasn’t been assigned any traits.

Azerite traits are pre-determined and we will be able to preview what kind of traits each piece has. For example, the Chestguard of the Rising Mogul have the Overflowing Mists trait, no matter which item-level the piece has. This way we can target specific traits and even collect several pieces of Azerite armor to switch between and adjust to different types of encounters.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of the azerite traits soon!

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