Mistweaver News and Vectis Guide

I haven’t had the chance to catch up on some PTR news yet, so I though I’d do a quick summary of the mistweaver changes so far, including an updated summary of the patch 8.1 features. In addition, I’ve added the mythic Vectis guide as well!

Mistweaver PTR Changes (So Far)

Tides of Vengeance Features (Updated)

  • War Campaign continues!
  • Incursions are added (think Legion invasions).
  • New World Quests!
  • New azerite traits!
  • New profession recipes!
  • More storylines are added for both Alliance and Horde (Xal’atath, Proudmoore, Saurfang, Tyrande, Vol’jin).
  • New Heritage Armor: Blood Elves and Dwarves
  • New Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore
  • New Island Expeditions: Jorundall and Havenswood
  • New Raids: Battle for Dazar’alor and Crucible of Storms
  • Azerite Armor Changes:
    • Azerite Armor will no longer drop from the weekly chest. Instead a currency will drop with which we can buy azerite tokens (head, shoulders, chest) or specific azerite armor.
    • Disenchanting/scrapping azerite armor will also reward this currency.
    • A second class-specific ring is added to patch 8.1 azerite armor. A.k.a. we can choose 2 spec specific azerite traits per item.
  • Other:
    • Legion LFR Queue
    • Reputation achivements account-wide
    • Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon
    • Updated spell effects for Paladins
    • New mount models (sabers, hello!)

Mistweaver Guide for Mythic Vectis

New guide added! Check out my Mythic Vectis guide for mistweavers by clicking on the image below:

There is very little information about new azerite traits (and healer trinkets, for that matter). One could assume that the traits are still in the works, meaning that if there is a time to go to the forums and give feedback on azerite traits, the time is now!

I’m very glad that they added cooldown reduction on Burst of Life since it was such a weak trait. Now, it’s less weak; one could even consider it moderately okay (for m+). But I’m still waiting for some awesome new mistweaver traits to drop on the PTR.

Apart from Secret Infusion (which looks cool), it’s mostly windwalkers who’ve given a heap of new traits and pvp talents. Hopefully, we’ll see more mistweaver additions on the ptr soon.

But if you have any ideas for cool mw traits, share them with the community!

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    1. I used Statue because the most fatal damage was the ticks from Vector when we had high stacks of Lingering Infection, so I needed to boost my single target healing a little bit.

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