BFA Dungeon Guides added to the Teahouse!

After many months of hard work, the first batch of my dungeon guides for Battle for Azeroth have been published! So far, the 8 basic dungeons are done and I’m currently working on getting King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus done. Hopefully, not too far off.

You can find the dungeon guides under:
Battle for Azeroth > Dungeons 

In my guides you can find basic information about the dungeon; how you get there, how you can navigate within the dungeon, what adds will you meet and what abilities do they have. More importantly, you can read about the dungeon bosses abilities and how you should tackle them in the different Monk classes.

There’s a bit heavier focus on the Mistweaver strategy than the Windwalker/Brewmaster notes. However, I consider these a work in progress and I’ll probably add to these as I start doing Mythic+. We’re gonna run these dungeons the whole expansions, there are probably many more secrets to unlock within them!

I’m gonna return to writing the King’s Rest/Siege of Boralus guides now. Good luck with your dungeon adventures!

5 thoughts on “BFA Dungeon Guides added to the Teahouse!”

  1. Just thought Id drop by and say what great guides these are. As a producer of WoW dungeon guides myself, I can apprecaite all the work that goes into it and I really think yours are one of the best. Keep up the good work.

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