Awesome Changes and Future Updates

While 6.0 have kept storming on and people have screamed themselves hoarse over the changes, there have been a few nuggets of news that have slipped by unnoticed. And to my great surprise, amazingly awesome changes for Mistweavers. I’m not talking about a big upheaval here, only a simply change that makes all the difference; two new spells are castable without breaking Soothing Mist. Thunder Focus Tea and Chi brew, people. Now this may not seem like much, but these small changes enabled me to clear up to wave 33 in Proving Grounds, compared to before when I struggled with Gold even.

Why is this so amazingly awesome then? It all takes it roots in the changes to how Soothing Mist and Surging Mist work. Before, we generated chi with Soothing Mist, and Surging Mist was basically an equivalent to Flash Heal; strong and expensive. Now Surging Mist is a base heal that gives us chi instead of Soothing Mist. This meant the loss of our Flash Heal equivalent, besides a slightly slower chi generation. But making Thunder Focus Tea castable during Soothing Mist means that we can use it to boost our Surging Mist instantly, making it a very strong Flash Heal. Making Chi Brew castable means that we can much easier get enough chi to do a quick Enveloping Mist.

When I did Proving Grounds on Beta, this has resulted in a much more fluid gameplay that is congruent with WoD healing (single-target heals are the way to go). Also, I could actually clear those bloody Chomps off the tank. That was an immense struggle before the change. Whoopie!

Speaking of which, the reason why I have been doing Proving Grounds is because I’m hard at work on a complete guide for Mistweavers PG. I’m planning to cover all the difficulties while giving and extensive overview of the enemies, wave patterns and character build. This is an undertaking that is going to take some time, but I’m aiming on getting it finished before the WoD release.

The “Mistweaver guide” section will also get an update, hopefully sooner. I have delayed it a little since the tuning progress is still ongoing and the numbers are going up and down all the time. Difficult to figure out a rotation in that kind of environment, but hopefully it will settle soon.

On a completely different note, have you noticed those weird little strands of healing coming off of our statue after a Soothing Cast?
Those! I have been trying to figure out exactly what they are. They’re obviously connected with the Soothing Mist cast since the strands appear both through the cast and then afterwards as well.

Guck 2
Here they appear in the cast. I haven’t seen any information that has explained these (Were they part of the soothing mist cast before the pre-patch? I can’t remember). But on live they sometimes appear through the cast, but not always. They’re much more frequent on beta. I can’t seem to figure out their behaviour. When I finish or break off a Soothing cast, these strands sometimes go to all members in the party, sometimes only two and sometimes not at all.

If anyone know anything about it, give it a shout. I wanna know what those buggers are.

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